Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts - Complaint Against Chris Lohman of Howard County Police Department

              The Foundation For The Child Victims Of The Family Courts

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To - Governor Larry Hogan

Complaint against:

Detective Chris Lohman of the Howard County Police Department
3410 Court House Drive
Elicott, City, Maryland 21043

Phone - 410 - 313 – 2681

CC – Chief of Police
          Gary Gardner

 To -   Howard County Executive,
          Allen Kittleman

Detective Lohman along with Assistant State Attorney Lisa Broten have failed to protect the basic rights to safety and protection from physical abuse while in the custody of an alleged physically and sexually abusive parent.

The twelve year old autistic, mute child came to the attention of the police after having been treated at a hospital emergency room for a severe hematoma.  The physical location of the injury was in the left groin, in the area of the left femoral artery. The injury was the size of an adult human hand. The injury was sustained  while in the care of his father. The injury was fresh. The child was taken to an emergency room where the injury was described and photographed.

I spoke with Detective Lohman just after he denied protection of this child  because “the child was not able to communicate”. The child is able to communicate and has rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The child was denied his due process rights by Detective Lohman and ASA Broten.

This episode occurred Sept. 20th, 2015.

Further, having placed this child in jeopardy because a police investigation failed to take appropriate action, Detective Lohman is now providing information to a court in Pa. testifying on the father's behalf, as the mother is seeking a protective order based on extensive evidence  of harm to two children. The father is seeking to have the witness to his son's abuse, the child's sister who is 14 years old and an abuse victim herself, institutionalized. The father is attempting to have both children institutionalized, removed from the mother, whom the father wishes to have absolutely no contact with her permanently since abuse has been reported. As a result of Detective Lohman's
 inaccurate statements and incomplete investigation the child was allowed to resume unsupervised weekend visitation with the father. Detective Lohman along with Bobbi Feher of Howard County Child Protective Services, have made a number of false allegations against the children's mother, alleging coaching and false allegations being filed against the father.

The lives of these two children are in grave danger.

As you will note from the articles attached, this is not the first time that I have come across the reckless, merciless, callous actions of the Howard County Police Department/Courts in conjunction with Howard County Department of Social Services. Their actions and inactions have been nothing if not brutal, barbaric, vicious. These agencies have been allowed to function with impunity and immunity but not without notice.

I refer you to the case of Jase Bouma written about extensively on USWHISTLEBl.OWER.ORG.

There are  hundreds if not thousands of cases that have been subject to the multiple malfeasances of a profoundly dysfunctional system, as per my direct experience and ongoing information and observation as indicated in my articles, dealing with Howard County Maryland Courts, Court Actors, Police and Department of Social Service. Communications with your State Attorney Dario Broccolino have met with the most frustrating, ignorant, useless inaction.

I hope that your office will give these matters the attention that these victims deserve and that you will get back to me with word of your thoughts and intentions in this regard.

Jill Jones-Soderman, PhD, MSW, MSHS
Executive Director – FCVFC (FCVFC.ORG)


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  1. When the top side people do the wrong thing it would be a surprising factor but I hope that Howard County Child Support will work for our side to make it right for us.