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From the Desk of Jill Jones-Soderman





The raw rage exploding from the repressed fury experienced with the grief of multiple black lives taken over the past year makes us wonder where is the fury, not yet vented in the wake of so many children lost in the foul atmosphere of the Howard County Courts.

The coordinated efforts of the consortium of Judges, McCrone, Gelfman,
and others, guardian ad litem such as Alyssa Cummins, “Child Protective Services”
caseworker's dark presence, in the person such as Bobbi Feher, present a formidable phalanx to vulnerable, protective parents. Most individuals who labor under the illusion that hiring an attorney and presenting evidence in court, re: domestic violence, child sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, will result in the protection and care of their child/children.

The nightmare that awaits protective parents, however wealthy, intelligent, sophisticated they may be, cannot be imagined when they are faced with the onslaught of the organized mob of selected actors, attorney Christopher  Rand, psychologist, custody evaluator, Paul Bermnan Phd, Best Interest Attorney, Alyssa Cummins. The list of alleged predator professionals is considerable. Those noted are ones we have personally seen in action, experienced their barbarism and the aftermath of their cruelty, such as Paul Dasher PhD of New Jersey. The actors are interchangeable as per jurisdiction but their nauseating deeds are burned into the hearts and minds of their victims, and spectators, each experience unique and perpetually personal. We have their reports, records as well as our responses to their calumny, alleged lies and multiple acts of alleged malfeasance.

 Motivation for such acts is suspected to be huge pay days coming from client fees for legal defenses which mask horrible acts of physical, emotional, sexual abuse on the part of the predator parent seeking to hide venal acts and or to perpetuate their crimes. Another insight into the motivations for such coordinated efforts and cover ups comes with greater knowledge and experience into the possessed world of child traffickers,

pornography and the variety of alleged perverts who populate the courts for personal gain or giving expression to their own private, but shared form of perversion.  The family court provides an ample hunting ground for the provision of victims of all sorts as well as those whom seek to cover their crimes – gratification provided on all fronts.

It is interesting to note that in family courts, abusers can by-pass the criminal justice system by relying on the “discretion of the judge” who can discretely demure to prosecute a predator, claiming that a child “lies, manipulates, has plotted, with the protective parent, against the predator. Judge Lenore Gelfman of Howard County Family court spontaneously made an “executive decision” and pulled a case of child pornography and suspected trafficking, off of the trial track and “safely” into mediation.

Further, Gelfman allegedly made a deal to offer one of the two children, girls, to the predator father and the other to the mother in a couture custody package. Reputedly, this took care of the case.

Attempts to bring this case to the Attorney General's office as per discussion with a State Attorney – Jennifer Ridder, Esq. for District Court, met with complete resistance and denial that the police refused to investigate the case, despite the existence of hard evidence of child pornography. Submission of evidence of pornography in the complaint sent to Judge Lenore Gelfman was pulled from the evidence submissions in the court complaint, allegedly by Family Court Judge Lenore Gelfman.

The failure to pursue investigation of the child pornography evidence or to engage investigation of the known individual initiating pornography, the father of the teen age girl, raises questions as to why investigation was not pursued and why Judge Lenore Gelfman pulled this case from the trial track and placed it into mediation. The thought that mediation resolved the case by splitting custody with a father engaged in the alleged production of pornography, using his daughter as a subject raises such questions as to whether or not Lenore Gelfman is herself engaged in the cover up of the production of pornography in Howard County or is somehow complicit in same.

There was extensive knowledge of the Jase Bouma case which documented abuse of a child over years, by Bobbi Feher, CPS caseworker, report of CPS 2014. The case report was    heard in the court of Judge Becker in 2014......Becker’s only concern was to sanction any lawyer whom may have revealed the case which was published with the full intent of drawing attention to the depraved indifference to the suffering of a child. Becker's intention was to induce a chilling effect on the attorneys in court by referring the case leak of the sealed file to the state's attorney ….........  . Becker and everyone in that court knew exactly who leaked and published that CPS report.The person was in the court room but beyond the control of jurisdiction of the court. The ludicrous charade played out by all court actors and attorneys whose indifference to the child's welfare and suffering was nauseating.

With 20/20 hind sight questions as to the involvement of all members of the legal, mental health community, CPS group involved in the Jase Bouma case may in fact have ties to illicit sexual activity, pornography and child trafficking. Judge Lenore Gelfman was among the cast of characters whom acted in a manner of depraved indifference and excessive cruelty to Jase Bouma and his protective parent Laura Bouma.

Other members of the crew whom  an earlier monograph indicated the choreography of a racketeering conspiracy which included, Judge McCrone, Judge Becker, attorney for the viciously abusive father, whose behavior was reported and detailed in among other documents, a 35 page report by a mandated reporter. This report was discredited by Bobbi Feher who lied in her CPS report that was prepared for the court appearance before Judge Becker.

Judge Becker filed crippling financial sanctions against the protective parent, Laura Bouma in the amount of $28,000. Monetary sanctions against Laura Bouma were filed instead of the recommendation, by attorney Christoper Rand, attorney for the father/ accused child abuser, to have Laura Bouma psychiatrically hospitalized because she brought legal actions in the Howard County courts to have her child released from the sadistic strangle hold otherwise known as custody, held by her ex-husband Jason Bouma.

Jason Bouma called the mandated reporter to threaten the mandated reporter stating “You have no idea what I am capable of”. The mandated reporter who filed complaints against Jason Bouma and sought to have child abuse charges filed against Jason Bouma filed police reports against Jason Bouma thus documenting the call.

The child's mother who made every possible effort to remove her son from a thoroughly deadly situation in which the child repeatedly expressed fear for his own safety, in a factual, thoroughly accurate manner described in great detail the circumstances of personal fear and jeopardy in which he was forcibly maintained.

The level of sadistic, calculated, intent to maintain this child in a position of intense suffering was documented and memorialized by CPS case worker Bobbi Feher. The child's father was maintaining him in a position of severe neglect, abuse, indifference and immanent harm by maintaining him in the custody of a father whose abuse was thoroughly documented not only in the words memorialized by CPS case worker Bobbi Feher whose cruel and punishing, dismissive behavior was thoroughly documented by a mandated reporter who complained vociferously against Bobbi Feher to substantiate abuse of a child whose statements, description of circumstances of immanent harm, related to descriptions by the child drunken driving.

The now, not so secret weapon of the Family Court, Dr. Paul Berman is a special type of alleged deviate. Berman is one who up close and personally tricks and deceives children in their homes, in their bedrooms, in the company of their loved parents. We have interviewed and heard the unfolding of events dealing with Paul Berman, from children and adults, harmed by Berman. We have heard stories of how Berman has cried on the living room floor of one child, stated by Berman, out of sadness for what the child endured. The tears did not impede Berman's capacity to order no contact between the child and her beloved parent. Berman's assassination of character, psyche, imposition of the coup de gras phrase, the “parent is of danger to the child'” is the spring board for the alert judge to terminate parental rights and to order supervised visitation to another sector of the killing field. The factotum member, visitation supervisor paid off by extraordinary fees for court ordered supervision with a child whom the parent, until recently was the major or sole custodian is another nefarious actor in the dismantling of a child's life and in the service of hiding the secrets of the perpetrator/predator parent whom has paid for Berman's services.

Berman is notorious in his protocol for destruction, implementing the same techniques over and over again. It is only when one is able to compare the numerous reports for boys, girls, older, younger, but the story is always the same. The phrases delivering complete destruction, irreparable as part of the chain of command used to buttress false
evidence produced through the false instructions provided to parents completing psychological tests where their identity is pinned to their positioning on a bell curve.
We have reports that Berman altered test scores and answers to tests by informing subjects as to exactly how to fill out tests, or in fact filled in scores himself to portray the best possible or worst possible picture.

Berman was appointed to Governor O'Malley's prestigious mental health pane.  

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