Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Dark Web

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The Dark Web

·        Description of what the “Dark Web” is –
o   Marketplace for Child traffickers, child porn, identity thieves, hackers, terrorists, drug dealers, weapon dealers, and anything and everything illegal
o   – Basically the Black Market online - a collection of websites that are publicly visible, yet hide the IP addresses of the servers that run them.
o   That means anyone can visit a Dark Web site, but it can be very difficult to figure out where they’re hosted or by whom.

·        Where is the “Dark Web” – think of it like a hidden doorway – everything is on the internet  - parallel to the World Wide Web (www.) there is The Dark Web –
o   It is like understanding that there is a .com, .gov, .org and .edu – then there is the .darkweb (but doesn’t have that ending – the endings are random and not “indexed” meaning they are unsearchable through a search engine)
o   Most Dark Web sites are also encrypted meaning that you can’t get to them unless you have an encrypted browser as well – like the “Tor network”

·        Where are “doorways” – through portals that are hidden “doorways” in video games, innocuous websites, or physical transports like a DVD or flash drive that lead to underground websites in The Dark Web.

·        The users of the Dark Web are next to impossible to catch because they use each other to access their target – The Dark Web is where “secrets are kept secret”
·        Hackers rule the Dark Web (called the Hacker Nation) 
o   There is no government or other entity that is more powerful at this point in time.
o   The FBI and other national government protective entities do not have any clue how to control those on the Dark Web

·        How do users of the Dark Web get to you –
o   Smartphone or computer
o   Social media account
o   Email account
o   Online bank account
o   Online shopping
o   Credit or debit cards
o   The Stock Market
o   Cars, GPS
o   Most electronic and technical devices
o   Security Cameras
o   Public wifi (Starbucks is a BIG target)
o   Publically exposed computer screen (yes, they record over your shoulder)
o   Posers requesting your information via phone calls or public conversation
o   Photos or videos taken of you or your children without your consent
o   Relationships, Anything connected to the web or online
o   AND FYI – passwords are incredibly easy to hack, all of them. Passwords are basically “snake oil”. Don’t be deceived.

·        What do users of the Dark Web want to get from you –
o   Your information
o   Identity
o   Privacy
o   Money
o   Children
o   Reputation
o   Your secrets, your “nudity” or sex, Your oddities, Your reputation, Your control, Your peace-of-mind, Your life

·        What is your best defense?
o   Educate yourselves and don’t be na├»ve or trusting of other – especially those who have ANY access to your computer or smart phone or email, etc –
o   Don’t let your children on the internet or put any information about them on the internet or photos – cover your camera lens when you are not using them –
o   Accept and understand that your government is hardly any more prepared to deal with Dark Web issues than you are and may even be part of the problem – making money on the Dark Web

·        Always keep in mind that ANYTHING that uses “power“ like electricity, batteries, etc can be hacked - ANYTHING

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