Friday, January 22, 2016

California Protective Parents Assoication Newsletter

California Protective Parents Association Newsletter
Dear Friends,

Filmmaker Rachel Meyrick is starting us off well in 2016. She URGENTLY needs 30 second video clips from you for her upcoming documentary. The Deadline is ThisSunday, Jan. 24th! Here is a note from Rachel to you:

Hi Ladies! I am a UK filmmaker working on a film called "What doesn't kill me" about child custody and domestic violence. Some of you may know me already so a big HELLO to everyone.
I am editing the film and it is really going to make some waves. I have some great interviews with the likes of Barry Goldstein, Jennifer Collins, Tammy Wilson, Joan Meier, Phyllis Chesler, the Loudon twins, and many more.
The film sheds light on the two choices that battered mothers have: to stay or to go. I cannot afford to go to the BMCC in May this year but would really like some help from you guys.
I would like anyone who can to sit in front of their webcam or have a friend video you from a phone (make sure phones are held horizontal, not vertical, with no radio or TV noise on in the background) and state the following whilst looking into camera:
My name is ___ from ___ county in ____ state
I lost custody of my child(ren) to their abusive father _____ months ago.
I last saw my child/children ____ days ago.
The clips should be no more than 30 seconds. They can then be emailed directly to me: If you do not want to be recognized, please state very clearly within your email - I will then blur you and re-voice your words. 
Should I get enough clips, my intention is to create a compilation section of the film in which multiple moms from multiple states are all saying similar things. I have some interviews with protector moms but I want the audience to be utterly overwhelmed with the amount of protector moms out there who are without their kids. Once I have you in the edit, I will be emailing you a release form to sign and send back to me (this just gives me your permission to use the footage in the film)
I will need everything on or before 24th January, so please do not delay!
I really appreciate your time hope you are all well and safe.
Huge respect, love, light and peace,
Rachel Meyrick
+441225 319 484
A Note From Mo Hannah & Liliane Miller About the 2016 BMCC
The BMCC is an annual conference addressing and seeking remedies for the legal, psychological, financial, and social traumas suffered by battered mothers who seek protection from an abusive ex-partner in family/divorce courts across the nation and the world.
The next Battered Mothers Custody Conference (the BMCC XII) is titled Reflect, Recharge, and Regroup. It is scheduled for Mothers' Day weekend, May 6th at 10 a.m. through May 8th at noon, at the Radisson Hotel, 205 Wolf Road, Albany, New York.
The half-day schedule on Sunday is designed to enable participants to spend time with their families on Mothers' Day.
It also will allow participants to leave the conference on Sunday afternoon to go to Washington, DC for the Mothers of Lost Children's activities, which begin on Monday May 9th. We plan to demonstrate at the White House and lobby Congress. If there are enough people interested, we can rent a van to go from Albany to DC.
The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse Conference - May 2016
A Note from SurvivorShip to you
Dear Friends,

We will be having our annual conference on May 7 - 8, 2016 at the Executive Inn & Suite - Oakland, CA 94606.  Information about the conference can be found at:

Speakers will include: Wendy Hoffman, Dr. Alison Miller, Dr. Steve Frankel, Neil Brick, Dr. Randy Noblitt, Pam Perskin and others.  Hotel reservations include complimentary parking, complimentary deluxe continental breakfast and free shuttles to and from the Oakland airport. We will be offering two free lunches to all attendees.

We expect this year to be another excellent conference, and we are offering free registration scholarship to accepted applicants. More information is at the conference website: Questions about the conference can be emailed to:
CJE Video Exposes Children Being Taken From Safe Parents

Center for Judicial Excellence has made a wonderful brief video explaining the social justice issue of children being taken from safe parents (usually mothers) and given to abusers.

Please Sign A Protective Mother's Petition
A protective mother asks us to sign this petition below, so please take a moment to add your name in support!

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