Saturday, January 9, 2016

Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court: Is the KKK Managing Your Courts?

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Are KKK leaders in control of YOUR local government. Many people believe that the effect of the KKK goes away once they put away the robes and cone hats. 

(See upcoming KKK Event here )

Unfortunately, these people become the police, clergy, judges, public pretenders, social workers, business owners, politicians and others well woven into the fabric of America. 

They can create havoc and injustice. They have power and stealth. 

In this episode we will explore how a pattern of killing young black kids exists in Georgia and the black and white activists that are battling them.

Already, one judge has had to leave the bench following strong action by Jill Jones Soderman and the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court.

In Stone Mountain, we have a city in the shadow of a huge Confederate monument with a pattern of young black people being murdered by law enforcement. Stone Mountain is the place where the KKK was revived in 1917.

Join us as we explore Murder and Mayhem in the Family Court and you can make your own conclusions. Are the killings of these young people coincidence or part of a more sinister plot carried out by people holding on to animosity and hate...and bringing it into their halls of justice...or..injustice.

Could this be happening in YOUR area? Who is behind the black robes on YOUR benches? Do they change into white ones when the sun goes down? 

Learn more about the foundation at and Citizens Demanding Justice at

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