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The Alternative Reality of Family Court: What You Need to Know

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Sunday 1 May 2016
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Walter Davis Executive Producer – Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman- Co Host

Join us For a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole Into the Alternate Reality of Family Court
We have the rare opportunity to capture the complete, unabridged account of the nightmare lived by members of one family trying to rescue their children from the hands of an accused/known abuser.

The account of the children’s heroic escape, rescue, engagement with the police,       brief respite in the arms of loved ones and then the harrowing transfer back into the hands of the abuser through machinations of Family Court Actors that are beyond imagination – unless you  were this family, then you know!

Meet The Diehl’s of Wilton Connecticut – Family & Friends
Sisters Caroline and Elizabeth Powell were living with their accused abuser for five years but no one knew just how bad it was……..

Ten years earlier their mother had lived a life of silent desperation – but there were those who knew ………

Jane Powell tried to escape………. and lost her children to their abuser

Jane Powell tried to alert the authorities and protect her children


The Girls Decide To Escape – They have a plan……..

Why Now………
a-     Why  the choice of help……….Gail Beutel – Family Friend Rescue –Sun. Morning – Last Minute Alteration Of Plans and Cast of Characters
b-    The police
c-     In Hiding
d-    Family Court and their Attorney – A Moment of Relief
A Return to a Life Worth Living – undoing a nightmare of false imprisonment

Medical care

A Return to Court – The Lies and Larceny of Family Court Actors

Expert Witness – Subjects never interviewed, barely interviewed, not interviewed in five years – and other mal practice actions – Eric Fraser, PhD, “Child Protective Services “ –
Mr. Powell – What Do you want to happen with the girls

The Diehl’s – Financial Damages and Jail

Jane Powell    


Hospitalization – psychiatric mal practice – the undercover reporters
The Sophie’s choices of family court “gun to your head decisions”
The Fight Continues

Dr. Jill Jones Soderman, 866-553-6931

Want your story told?

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Abuse in Prisons as Bad as You Think it is - Mental Health Professional Confirms

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Friday 29 April 2016
7 PM Pacific


      Mr. Walter Patrick Martin, MA, LMFT a licensed marriage family therapist, author of Heart and Soul Toward Intimacy: Couples Guide.

Mr. Martin graduated in 1999 with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from National University in San Diego. Currently Mr. Martin is seeing patients at Aurora Family Counseling Center in Murrieta and in San Diego as he is the owner of, 10650 Scripps Ranch Blvd in San Diego,, EMDRSanDiego.ORG and

Over the last 4 years Mr. Martin has focused his training with extensive EMDR training and consulting regularly with experts in the field of EMDR a world treatment for PTSD recognized for its effectiveness and Mr. Martin is part of the International Association of EMDR. Mr. Martin has also been assisting Dr. Popky in his trainings of the EMDR Detour protocol for addiction in Carlsbad California and Salt Lake City Utah in 2015.

Mr. Walter Martin also works as a Military Family Life Counselor working with teenagers within the local high school up assignment ended in 3/24/2016. Mr. Martin has contracts with Blue Cross, Tri-Care West/ United Health Care for Military, Aetna, Cigna, Anthem, most Employee Assistance Programs, Humana in addition to San Diego Superior Court adding Mr. Martin’s company to the court approved list for Parenting Classes, Co-Parenting.

      Mr. Martin has extensive expertise in his field with over 13 years at San Diego County Children’s Behavioral Health Special Education Unit and San Diego Psychiatric Hospital. Mr. Martin also received commendations from CEO of HHSA San Diego for his work during last two California Firestorms in 2004, 2007 and 2005 Katrina Disaster in partnership with County Crisis Team.

Mr. Martin also in 2012 took additional training as part for FEMA disaster properness as a volunteer as a C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Team member. Mr. Martin following retirement from San Diego County was offered a position with Riverside County Forensic Mental Health team working within the county jails directly with inmates.

When person is arrested and put into prison, should all of their rights be terminated? What of people who are innocent until proven guilty?
Walter Patrick Martin reveals to us that abuses of prisoners is bad and routine. He worked in the prison system and his first hand account should serve as a wake up call to us all and motivate us to say, WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW THIS.
In addition to the information on prison abuse, we will be discussing advanced treatment concepts including:
  •  How patients feeling better within days not months nor years utilizing unique treatment protocols
  •  How people suffering from PTSD being helped with EMDR and CES
  •  How autistic children and adults being helped with Neuro-feedback and CES in San Diego
  •  What it like working within the county jail with inmates
  •  What kind of results have been revealed when treating panic and anxiety disorders without medications
  •  What has it been like working with couples
  •  What is the benefit the new parenting / co-parenting program

Thursday, April 21, 2016

4 Things You Need to Know Before Reporting Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse - The Dilemma for the Protective Parent

 4 Things You Need to Know Before Reporting Allegations of  Child Sexual Abuse - The Dilemma for the Protective Parent

This is a radio show
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Sunday 24 April 2016
10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

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A Child Makes A Statement: OMG, WHAT DO I DO!

Parents who report Allegations of Abuse - instantly face accusations of :
1.      Coaching
2.      Brain Washing
3.      Alienation
4.      Revenge
(If the allegation is against a family member or spouse.)

The McMartin case, based in California (1983 - 1990) represents ground zero for the formal elaboration of studies by psychologists demonstrating through "laboratory" staging of structured interviews, the manner in which children can be coached, influenced, subject to memory insertion.

The new truth "elaborated as scientific certainty was embraced by the Criminal Justice System. Righteous concerns for the protection of testimony, chain of custody protecting evidence found a short hand path to eliminating a mass category of suspect informants immediately deemed to be "liars".

Forensic science found a gold mine/treasure trove of cases to explore, examine, study, exploit.

"Child protective Services" and the Family Courts found another access port to transfer children into the hands of their abusers through engagement in the strong arm tactics of Judicial Discretion and multiple forms of malfeasance and fraud.

Stephen J. Ceci, PhD. & Richard Friedman, PhD -
Scientific Research used to summarily undermine communications of children and those whom attempt to report child sexual abuse

We will discuss:

Legitimate Concerns with 
  • False Allegations
  • Coaching
  • Brain Washing

Proper Analytic/Forensic Assessment

The Tendency for Courts to Embrace Short Hand Concepts that Erase the Problem

Our Guest - Her case represents the issues at hand.

Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 

Breaking News:
We will be on Kiler Davenport's Show tonight, 23 April 2016 at 6 PM Pacific to announce breaking news.

        The Foundation For The Child Victims Of The Family Courts
                                     A Not For Profit Organization
                                             275 Madison Ave.
                                                     6th floor
                                  New York, New York, 10016
                                            866 – 553 - 6931

To – JUDGE Patrick J. Carol the 3rd.
        Chief Court Administrator
        Office of the Chief Court Administrator
        Supreme Court Bldg.
        231 Capitol Ave.
        Hartford, Ct. 06106

Jill Jones-Soderman PhD, MSW, MSHS                                                                                                                            
Executive Director- FCVFC
Publisher – The US Whistle Blower
Date – 4/25/16

Dear Judge Carol,
I am the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, a not for profit organization and the consultant to Jane Powell, mother of Caroline and Elizabeth Powell, the immediate victims of the egregious ruling put forth by Judge Gricca Tindall.

The Foundation deals with advocacy and legal defense of the Constitutionally , Federally protected Civil Rights of vulnerable children who have been egregiously impacted by the courts. We are currently reviewing the pattern of Judge Tindall’s rulings and will be addressing her multiple malfeasances . We hope that this complaint will be reviewed with the urgency and serious contemplation deserved.

Jill Jones-Soderman

CC – Joel Walter, Esq.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hidden in Plain Sight: 5 Things You Need to Know About Fraud in Arizona's Foster Care System with Richard Emanuel and Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman

Progress in the World Radio Show 
Call in Number 310-861-2349
Sunday 17 April 2016 
10 AM Pacific/11 AM Mountan/
12 PM Central/1 PM Eastern

This is a radio show. Call in number 310-861-2349.
Walter Davis – Executive Producer – 

Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman – Co-Host
The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court 866-553-6931

Featuring Richard Manuel – Prospective Adoptive Parent – Investigator - Activist

On this show we focus on Government Sponsored/Supported Adoption/Foster Care Fraud in Arizona

The story of one Man’s Crusade as he witnessed massive crimes against children upfront and personal Bears Witness and Gives Testimony.
Rick’s Story Begins with:

The Lure of Creating a Happy Family through Adoption

  • The Personal Dream
  • Betrayal of the Dream for Prospective Parent and Children on Display- Children are Window Dressing pictured to create the stock pile of child merchandise in a catalogue.

  • The Assembly Line Business of Foster Care/ Adoption Fraud Spelled Out
  • Factory Farming Children in the Industrial Age –

As the age of humane treatment of farm animals approaches, the humane treatment of children remains a myth as the reporting of child sexual abuse is greeted with accusations of “coaching, brain washing, parental alienation”. 

  • Children are transferred into the hands of abusers as police, criminal justice authorities, therapists, forensic experts advise to allow evidence to “ripen” as child victims suffer irreparable harm from inescapable horrendous embedded memories.  

  • Blanket, hollow accusations of “retaliation” for___ are flung in the face of those who come forward to report. 
  • Those who disclose horrific crimes often face severe consequences for disclosure and even more severe consequences for perseverance in insisting upon investigation of allegations.

Part 2 will focus on:

Adoption and Foster Care Fraud in Arizona:

  • The Story of St. Nicholas of Mira and the Catholic Church
  • Foster Care Review Boards – The Face of Authenticity, Authority“Social Workers”/Wardens – Licensing Boards – Certification to commit heinous crime against children – and the beat goes on!
  • Professionals – Physicians, Therapist, Psychologists – Further “Veneer” Psycotherapy,  psycopharmacology, medical intervention – factory farming

  • As the appetite for funds stemming from foster care farming increase, the drive to recruit foster farmers grows  - Outreach –
  • The Prison Population as New Recruits

  • The Faith Community – So Much for Separation of Church and State
  • The Screening Process to Become a Foster Farmer – Implications for Gay and LGBT Children.

  • The Current State of Foster Care in AZ.
  • Rick Manuel – Advocate/Activist/Accomplishments

Friday, April 8, 2016

Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage

Progress in the World Radio Show - 5 Ways Judges Become Outlaws and Courts Become the Wild, Wild West

5 Ways Judges Become Outlaws and Courts Become the Wild, Wild West

This is a radio show. 

10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern 
Sunday 10 April 2016

Call in number 310-861-2349

Please share with family, friends and constituents.

Walter Davis, Executive Producer and Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court will interview Evan Bunch – Black Lives Matter Activist and Dr. Anita Harris – Doctor of Divinity and Christian Counseling.

Our focus continues to be on the Citizens Demanding Justice Movement.

This week we report on:

Disorder in the Family Court: When Judges Become Outlaws Courts Become the Wild, Wild West
Tennessee Judge Christy Little Disregards the Law
Black Lives Matter / Our children are Our Legacy

The report - Judge Christy Little Feels Free To:

Create Docket Numbers for Cases Never Filed
Record Pleas for Petitions Never Filed
Alter Plaintiffs Cases –
Disregard / Alter Testimony
Openly Enlist the Collusion of Court Appointed Actors – 

                Guardian Ad Litem Josh Dougan, Esq. Became Petitioner for Children who never appeared in court overnight at the time their custody was being forever altered – or so Christy Little thought.  

An examination of custody rulings in the Tennessee Family Court has revealed evidence of a pattern of custody transfers that are discriminatory, and unfair. 

These rulings have reached the point of being murderous and genocidal to African American families. 

These actions are seeking to dismantle ties of affection and BEST INTEREST to promote care and protection of children.

Judge Little’s court exercises discretion in a manner that creates a dangerous and unstable social environment where outcomes are so unpredictable as to be a source of fear and terror. 

The predilection to transfer children into the hands of those with criminal backgrounds and those with perverse predatory penchants is clear from litigants whom have come forward having lost children at the hands of this corrupt judge.
Our petition to federal Court under Civil rights Removal of State action to Federal Court is predicated upon the assertion that Black Lives Matter and the integrity of the protective parent/protective family structure must be afforded EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

Further, our assertion is that certain judges, in this case a white judge, cares nothing for black children and would prefer to ensure a continuing cycle of anti social behavior, criminal conduct, and dependency within the black population.
The Harris case is a portrait of a pattern of judicial malfeasance in which a judge is able to assert their own particular prejudice or characterological pathology in the direction of asserting power and control in a destructive, venal matter.

Today’s program is about legal intervention and social activism! 


Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 

Walter Davis 

Friday, April 1, 2016

28 Things You Need to Know About Ways Court Mandated Treatment Places You at the Mercy of the Court

Progress in the World Radio Show

28 Things You Need to Know About Ways Court Mandated Treatment Places You at the Mercy of the Court

Sunday 3 April 2016
10 AM to 12 PM Pacific 
1 PM to 3 PM Eastern
Join us in the chat room and or call in at 310-861-2349

Show Link: 

Please share!

Featuring Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court with Guest – Dr. Monty Weinstein, Psy D.

Dr. Monty Weinstein is an esteemed psychotherapist, family therapist, author, and expert witness in the area of high conflict custody litigation.

Today’s discussion will focus on the client’s need to understand the obligations and ethical standards that apply with regard to court appointed treatment and court appointed professionals.

The litigant has rights to assertion of protections and interventions to respond to areas of violation and intrusion by the court.

We will explore how Court Appointed Experts – (GAL, Psychologists, Parenting Coordinators), conflict with the role of Mandated Reporters and place both parties at “The Mercy of the Court”.  Topics of Focus:
Mandated “Treatment” raises issues of Compromised Confidentiality|Freedom of Choice|Multiple Constitutional and Federal Civil Rights Infringements|
  • Outright Violations related to:
  • Freedom of Speech and Choice
  • Admission of statements against personal interest

We look forward to having Dr. Weinstein as a frequent guest on Progress in the World.

The listening audience is invited to call in with case illustrations and questions to enhance the relevance of this material.

We value your thoughts and concerns! 310-861-2349 to call into the show.

Visit Call 866-553-6931 To Reach Dr. Soderman 

Visit Call 917.589.8008 To Reach Dr. Weinstein 

Contact Executive Producer Walter Davis at 760-917-1251 or  to get your story told.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Shock for Breakfast? March 28, 2016: 11:59 PM FDA Shock Dockets Close

Today is the last day to sign the petition before the docket closes.

The FDA is attempting to down-classify the shock device to say that shock treatment (shooting electricity through the head to cause a grand mal seizure) is 'safe enough' for people with "treatment-resistant" depression or who "require rapid response".

This video is about #FDAStopTheShockDevice Sign petition here: Info for submitting your own comment to FDA here:

Posted by Lauren Tenney on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Please speak out before it's too late.  Our petition and complaint to the FDA are below.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Lessons Learned  From Veteran  Arrest  Data

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.
Since July 2010 I’ve been tabulating veteran arrests in El Paso County, Colorado, on a daily basis. To date that amounts to ~15,500 arrests of some 9,000 veterans, or about 8 per day. Without going into a lengthy statistical analysis these are some of the lessons learned:

General lessons

·      The percentage of veterans arrested who are simply common criminals remains indeterminate for a variety of reasons but is probably in the range of 20% to 40%.
·      The local veteran trauma court is a dog and pony show. Of the ~9,000 veterans arrested while that court has been in operation only ~300 have been admitted to the veteran court, and the veteran has to plead guilty to whatever fanciful crime he may be charged with before he can be admitted.
·      Arrest and incarceration do not help veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), or other issues. In fact, an arrest and conviction clearly makes their conditions worse.
·      If the first arrest and conviction doesn’t work, and it usually doesn’t, more arrests and convictions are guaranteed to make the veteran’s problems worse.
·      Veterans are batted between judges like shuttlecocks with no apparent consistency in treatment. Veterans commonly have to appear before 8 to 15 different judges before their case is settled. That is a waste of court resources and virtually guarantees injustice for the veteran.
·      The “justice” system operates on a “catch, convict, release” cycle with multiple arrests seemingly the norm.
·      Classical definitions of recidivism do not seem to apply to wounded warriors. The data suggest many of their problems are episodic, often with yearsa decade, or more, between episodes.
·      Most wives or girlfriends who call the police during an episode are seeking help, not an arrest.
·      Many veterans do not have friends or relatives able to post bond for them and their choice is often to plead guilty to a crime they didn’t commit or rot in jail for months awaiting trial. At ~$100 a day cost to citizens for them to sit in jail there needs to be a better way. And this says nothing of the costs to the veteran in loss of their jobs, benefits, homes, cars, children, etc. while in jail.
·     A veteran who dares to plead Not Guilty and demand a jury trial but cannot afford bail will likely be held in jail until the trial, at great cost to the taxpayers.
·      Arrests of veterans often occur at a much older age than the general population. First arrests are commonly in the 30-40 or older age range. Past age 50 virtually every inmate in the county jail is a veteran. The county jail should not be an Old Soldiers Home!
·      Public safety is typically degraded by veteran arrests. With a criminal conviction it becomes almost impossible for them to find employment and more crime becomes commonplace.
·      Probation conditions commonly prevent the veteran from returning home where they might find family and community support. Committing another crime here becomes almost inevitable.
·      Even a veteran who sits in jail for months awaiting trial, if convicted is virtually certain to be given probation, time served, and put back out on the street again; almost certainly unemployed.
·      After 3 or 4 arrests the veteran is very likely to become homeless.
·      If a veteran isn’t suffering from PTSD when they enter the “justice” system they will almost surely have it after.
·      We’ve heard of multiple problems with prescription drugs provided veterans for PTSD, TBI, pain, etc. However, marijuana has proven both safe and effective in most cases.

PTSD and domestic violence

·      Under current laws any manifestation of PTSD is “domestic violence.” That primarily serves to break up families and destroy the children.
·      There is little or no evidence for a “cycle of violence” in the veteran arrest data. There is, however, evidence of periodic PTSD episodes.
·      In about half the arrests for domestic violence there are no allegations of interpersonal violence.
·      Most veterans arrested for domestic violence return home immediately after their release from jail.
·      The percentage of false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, etc., is very high; somewhere around 50% to 70% when divorce or child custody are at issue.
·      Girlfriends and wives often use false allegations of domestic violence or abuse, or child abuse, as a method of revenge and vengeance, as well as for advantage in court to gain custody of children or property.
·      Experience has shown that a veteran charged with domestic violence who pleads Not Guilty and demands a jury trial has a very high probability of having the charges against him dismissed. If he can afford a competent, experienced attorney it is a virtual certainty that his case will be dismissed or that he will prevail at trial.
·      Physical disabilities associated with TBI and PTSD often lead to charges of child abuse when accidents happen that are a result of the veteran’s handicaps. Putting their children in foster care and charging them with child abuse afterward compounds the problems for the veteran and society.

Traffic and similar problems

·      Memory loss problems often lead to veterans forgetting to pay traffic tickets or show up in court. That often leads to the issuance of a warrant and their arrest. It would seem cheaper and more effective to pay veteran peer mentors to help disabled veterans attend these, and other appointments or have police take them directly to court upon arrest.
·     Removing a veteran’s drivers license does not eliminate the necessity that they drive, e.g., for court hearings, meet with probation officer, UAs, therapy, medical, or just for groceries. Hence, they are all too frequently rearrested for driving under restraint. It would be cheaper and more effective to issue many of these veterans limited licenses. That would also allow them to have car insurance, enhancing public safety.
·    Either ignition interlocks are not being required in driving under the influence cases or veterans are stupidly adept at circumventing them and continuing to drive while drinking. Multiple DUIs are definitely a public safety problem.
·      Short term memory problems associated with TBI often lead to veteran arrests for shoplifting as they “forget” they have picked up something in a store and walk out without paying. Most return as soon as they remember they have something but haven’t paid for it. In other cases restitution and treatment would seem preferable to an arrest and conviction.

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