Thursday, February 22, 2024

Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Fertilized Embryos are People

 Reproductive center worker dropped a container of frozen fertilized embryos accidentally destroying them. The potential parents sued the center for wrongful deaths. The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen fertilized embryos are children. This destructive ruling has resulted in frozen embryos that NEVER can be destroyed....without murder or manslaughter charges being filed. That means that frozen embryos must be stored...forever....and...families must pay for storage ...forever....defective frozen fertilized embryos have been routinely destroyed. Now...they cannot be...and must be stored forever. Other states are now considering inacting similar laws.

The Alabama Chief Justice cited bible verses during his reading of the judgement defiance of separation of church and state.
Theists must be removed from office.
We must vote Republicans out of office to preserve women's reproductive rights. Their positions defy science and place unjust situations on families all over the nation.

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