Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress in the World Radio Show - LIES AND LARCENY - What Your Lawyer Says Behind Your Back

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Progress in the World Radio Show 
Call in Number 310-861-2349
10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern 
Sunday 31 January 2016

Sponsored by the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court

Commentary by Walter Davis and Jill Jones Soderman; a review of recent radio shows and cases. 

We will explore intrinsic issues related by the dysfunctional family court. Begin with the premise that:
  • Clients are not as important as lawyers
  • Judges and court actors will be present in the work environment long after your case is adjudicated
  • Clients are only as good as their last check

1. A court driven by JUDICIAL DISCRETION as opposed to LAW AND STATUTE creates a culture of non objective and unequal standards of practice
  • "Personal Choice and Preference" of the Judge
  • Interferrence with Free Speech, Free Choice of Legal representation 
  • Choice of Experts, Suppression of Evidence (Focus on reporting Child Sexual Abuse)

We wil review case examples
2. The capacity for judges and other court actors to act beyond their Scope of Expertise by Fiat
3. Losing Control of Your Case - The Flecther case
Remedies to this Miasma

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