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Murder and Mayhem in Family Court: Foundation Letter to Board of Judicial Conduct Board


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Board of Judicial Conduct                                                                             12/29/15
Att. Kim DiScenza
Head Disciplinary Counsel                              Transou v Harris - 442574tcses
POB 50356
Nashville, Tn. 37205                                        Keontis Transou - DOB - 8/25/99 - ( 16)
                                                                          Asiayona  Transou - DOB 10/23/01 - (14)
Jill Jones-Soderman
Exec. Dir. - FCVFC
Publisher - The US Whistle Blower

Dear Mr. DiScenza,

I am the Executive Director of the organization, The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts. We deal with the protection of fundamentally protected rights for children and protective parents. We are also deeply concerned with the arbitrary and capricious nature afforded to Judges through the latitude permitted by Judicial Discretion in Family Court.

I was contacted by and have spoken with the guardian of the above noted children, Dr. Anita Harris and the children themselves. I am deeply concerned about the facts imparted to me with regard to an impulsive transfer of these children by Judge Christy Little, without a Fact Finding Hearing, no Comparative Fit Hearing, no Balancing of Interests, no swearing in of witnesses. It appears that the children were thrust into the hands of their biological father, without consultation with their new step mother, without arrangement for any school transfer mid-year, for two children with special needs and with complex medical concerns, with no transfer of medical records to attend to their medical needs.

Of greatest concern and objection is the fact that there was no predicate urgency for these children to have custody transferred impulsively as there was no emergency - death, abuse, neglect, medical. psychiatric crisis requiring a transfer of care takers.

The transfer appears to have been precipitated by the action of an absent father, recently discharged from Federal Prison. Allegations precipitating the father's request and the allegedly nefarious actions of extended family would appear to require a hearing, testimony, cross examination, protection of the equal rights of the children and due process of all parties. Instead, it would appear, from a review of court room proceedings and accounts of the children's in chamber, but not in camera interview with Judge Christy Little, that the guiding  drive toward transfer was  Judge Little's biased, narrow, questionable prejudice toward Anita Harris, the guardian of the two children since infancy. A review of the court room tapes will provide a most accurate purview of the commentary quoted by Judge Little.
Securing of those tapes was recommended as a top priority for Dr. Harris and her excellent Attorney, Collin Morris.

I can state from first hand knowledge as per discussion with both children as per their call to my office, they were in extreme distress. They both stated that they felt "tricked" by Judge Little, whom allegedly stated that they could "visit" with their father, "get to know him". They each said they did not want to "hurt his feelings", but said their overwhelming reaction to being with him was fear and discomfort. They stated that his new wife said she "never planned to have kids around" and had " no idea as to what to do with them". Their memories of being with their father involved - being bitten by a pit bull dog who was generally vicious and “did not like white people". Their father said to the police - the dog bit other children and significantly, injured Keontis, biting into his cheek, that the dog was “found on the street". The children stated they never were exposed to so much cursing and they missed their grand mother. They do not know what is going to happen with their schooling.

From extensive experience, when children independently call a social service agency and speak urgently to a stranger, this is not a good situation! The children stated that they feared their father and were calling me in secret. I stated that I would be glad to speak with their father if they felt comfortable
giving him my number. This phone number is available seven days per week/twenty four hours per day.

Dr. Harris has retained an attorney. I would most certainly hope that an attorney would be appointed for the children to preserve their rights.

The level of cavalier impropriety on the part of this judge as it concerns the full and complete destabilization of these children's lives as well as the defamation and libel of a member of the social and intellectual community of our country is of grave concern.

My Foundation would appreciate the consideration of your attention and review as we watch with interest as to the service of fairness and attention to children 's rights and due process in your community.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jill Jones-Soderman

Copies to:
Judge Christy Little

Joel Walter, Esq.

Mr. Evan Bunch

Black Lives Matter

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