Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fathers' Rights New Jersey: 3 Things You Need to Know About Family Law Reform - Progress in the World Radio Show

William Connell of Fathers Rights New Jersey will be talking about the need for family law reform in the state of NJ and nationwide. He will address key issues as he sees them in this situation which are as follows: 
*The need to make the family court process family oriented.
*A fair and plausible method for setting child support orders
*The Family court system's history of abusing the bill of rights and operating unsupervised.
Contact number is (201) 423-9112
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Locking poor people up for not being able to pay child support is a violation of the 6th Amendment. This is significant. Do children benefit from having their parents locked up for not paying child support? Who benefits from this cohersive tactic?

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