Thursday, November 12, 2015

From The Desk of Jill Jones-Soderman Re: Child Protective Services


In recent weeks for April and May the Foundation has received several new referrals related to the agency held responsible for Child Protection called CPS, DPS, DCFS, DYFS. Different acronyms cover names from agencies in different states.  Our referrals have come from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland across the country to Nevada, Texas and California yet the same core issues remain in common for all.

The commonality that they share is a frightening level of power to swoop into the lives of families, removing children based on allegations formulated by court appointees, defended and or employed by the Attorney General's office, all who benefit from the power and authority they wield both financially and as to ego gratification from the control over the lives of those unfortunate enough to come into the spectrum of their control. The power of If I say so, It is True is overwhelming to confront especially when confronting such falsehoods subjects the accuser to spectacular levels of hurled insults and threats from all adversaries – Judges, lawyers, physician, psychologists, social workers all in control of information and sources of information – witnesses - on whom the defense must depend.

These agencies benefit from the ability to control the acceptability of the evidence that they submit to the court because if they say that a document is “Certified” it is expected to be accepted by the court as factual and true when in fact the document can contain absolutely false information which can be easily proved to be erroneous. Among our recent cases documents submitted stated that a child was adopted in one state, yet other government documents proved the child in question to have been born to the family accused of abuse in a totally different state. Blank documents were submitted stating that a child had no vaccinations. The accurately certified document submitted in 2013 by our defense showed the child to have received all vaccinations in a timely manner. Further, the child in question could not have attended school if not having been vaccinated. Our documents substantiated that the child had attended school.

Further, these agencies are able to protect their documents from scrutiny by classifying them as ” Confidential”. This fact means that various professionals who work with these agencies can rise in the ranks of power, authority and notoriety by currying favor with these agencies, referring cases and having those cases substantiated for whatever claim the agency wishes to hurl at vulnerable subjects. These agencies can then accrue Federal Funding through Social Security and other
financial rewards that can be tapped through Health and Human Services. Preying on vulnerable populations by the manipulation of power and control is a lucrative business joined by all to many professionals. Confrontation, piercing the veil of secrecy and exposing theft and fraud is the only antidote to fraud, deception and bureaucratic manipulation of power and authority which results in the sanctioning of child abuse in all forms, transfer of children from poor families to wealthy families based on financial status and the death of numerous children because faulty/inadequate assessment skills.


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