Thursday, November 12, 2015

From the Desk of Jill Jones-Soderman: Cannibal Courts - Failure of Judicial Accountability

 From The Desk of Jill Jones-Soderman

The Cannibal Courts

Failure of Judicial Accountability


The Foundation stands for Judicial accountability in Family courts across the country.

Family Court has been notorious for an arbitrary and capricious standard within each court, much less
any form of reliable standard between state jurisdictions, much less regional or national reliability. The cult of personality in conjunction with a reputation for rabidly blatantly corrupt, irrational, brutal
decisions on behalf of Judges seen as without mercy or logic is the prevailing view of
 legal practice provided to families in distress in Family courts across the country.

Families in distress have become disenfranchised from an ability to gain access to legal representation because of the excessive cost of legal services. Families in a low to middle class range of income have, across the board become incapable of preserving the integrity of their families or able to protect vulnerable children from  institutional ravages.  Transfer of children from the hands of protective parents into the hands of sexual predators, obsessed abusers, bent on partner revenge or predatory access to children, have become a staple story of the endless ravages of dealing with Family court litigation. The Factory Farming culture of “Child Protective Services” characterized by removal of children for purposes of funneling money from the Federal government to the states for a litany of all too often trumped up medical, psychiatric, educational, treatment services is another scenario associated with family court. Another unfair practice associated with family court is the practice of re- assigning children from poor families to wealthier families, a form of social engineering, not based on parental adequacy, but social/financial need.

The facts of the factory farm system which accurately describes the level of functioning of Family courts across the country are staffed with lawyers considered to be “bottom feeders” who like pirannas,  ravage the financial, emotional/intellectual resources of their clients. Clients are all too often left  without their children, homes, jobs, friends, relatives after being subject to the ravages of a family court litigation process. The level of bias can, for example be seen in the practices of irregular reporting for  investigation, false or contradictory information on a case information statement, which should either be clarified, or reported to IRS. Issues of violence toward children, child sexual abuse notoriously fail to be properly investigated.  Proper investigation, as per this writer, means investigation by police, forensic medical exams, referral to a child advocacy centers and or referral to the prosecutors' office.

 Investigation does not, under any circumstances mean referral to “child protective services'”,  or continued direction by Judicial discretion. The untrained staff, massive bureaucracy, prejudicial features related to Federal Rules of Evidence  creates  significant problems with regard to the accuracy and credibility of material submitted, mitigates against litigants to access records or to verify the legitimacy of records submitted. Over all lack of transparency, a litigation process fraught with a high level of complex technical intellectual and procedural content, causes reliance on a virtual guild of practitioners, severely limits basic fairness and allows for the process to be severely tainted with a combination of bias and larceny.

Further, issues that relate to the criminal nature of crimes insinuated should not be left to the peripatetic

temperment of Judges discretion in Family court. Family court is the only arena where children can be confined to the custody of a pedophile, trafficker; where a protective parent is thoroughly excluded and punished for attempting to rescue a child from the hands of an abuser.

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