Monday, November 9, 2015

From the Desk of Jill Jones-Soderman





We currently live in a society in which Congress is fighting to cut back on entitlements that support school lunches for children, food stamps that feed families whom are facing severe basic living challenges, homelessness for families in this country is adeplorable disgrace. In many states where families are homeless, one shower per week is an acceptable standard of care for children. Young children are subject to arrest in school for “disorderly conduct” in class. Texas has long been known for barbaric practices placing children as young as five years old, in kindergarten in handcuffs, yet there is no national outrage as to “ school childrens lives matter”.

Abortion rights for women whom have been raped, subject to incest, where is it that their lives matter? What of the children born of incest, the medical and psychiatric consequences of such births, where is there concern for the lives of these children. Where is there concern for the lives of men and women who want to manage their ability to care for children by planning their family size? No one is stating that any woman raped or the subject of incest is subject to forced abortion, but the choice to have an abortion under extreme, or for that matter not extreme circumstances, circumstances is deprived of that choice. Where is the concern for the lives of those effected?

Where is there concern for “every life being precious when children are forced into their hands of abusers by a family court system in this country which is rife with what this reporter has described as nepotism, bias, favoritism, prejudice and naked ignorance pandered to in the form of judicial discretion. Child abuse is a crime, yet in family court it is treated as a “family matter”. Incest is a crime, yet in family court it is treated as a “family offense”. Battery is a crime, yet in family court it is treated as a “family offense”, at the discretion of a family court judge who can mete discretionary sentences based on who is contributing to an election fund, who is a business associate or friend of a friend. Where is there concern for the life of every child forced into the hands of their abusers and out of the care of a protective parent?

Children are being criminalized for “sexting”, photographing intimate parts of their anatomy as part of ill thought through acts of attention seeking, adolescent  acting out rituals adapted as part of a commercial culture which objectifies and worships sex, youth and beauty. Pedophiles and obsessed abusers are passed through family courts at the discretion of judges  and a variety of court actor predators.

 Helpless, disenfranchised litigants unable to pay exorbitant legal fees, or at the mercy of ineffective court appointed counsel – subject to appointment and referrals from the same body they are supposed to defend clients before, have absolutely no rights in courts. Where is the concern for every life of every litigant who appears in family court and is disenfranchised by the lack of legal representation because of exorbitant fees exacted by the legal community?

Political action which disenfranchises women from protection as to reproduction at the same time that the state is allowed to remove babies at birth from mothers, creates questions as to the states investment in the equity gained from funds produced through federal grants to dependent children in care.

Under the New Borns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act, government agencies are removing babies on the pretext of stopping drive through deliveries, protecting babies from reputedly, drug addicted mothers, as differentiated from babies whom are born drug addicted. The scope of women whom are being investigated have widened to women suspected of mental illness, post partum depression and those whom might be living with a domestic violence abuser. The net of those suspect as being potential victims of something or other – has widened placing new borns in danger of entering the government foster care system,  beginning the flow of state funding to government agencies from the birth of a child as opposed to when a complaint is issued for a charge to be substantiated. This program circumvents any probable cause complaint which would trigger an investigation and at least theoretically allow for legal intervention to protect the rights of parent and child against the interest of the state, namely to collect revenues from the Federal government. In creating another vulnerable population – women and babies, another population requiring legal representation, but not necessarily having the funds to pay lawyers exorbitant fees, the social experiment in redistribution of children by the state has been begun. The government has also created a new social order of citizens disenfranchised from access to legal services and access to the courts because of financial resource challenges. What about the “every life is precious” as it relates to governmental forced separation of mothers and babies?

Another area of governmental intrusion into the lives of families, the right to parent and care for children has come in the form of medical kidnapping children from parents whom have a right to make medical decisions for and with their children, including the right to second opinions. Suddenly the heavy hand of medical authorities through the state is intruding in decisions once confined to legal guardians. The state can now mandate medical treatment over the resistance of the parent whose authority is eliminated with the removal of the child from parental custody as the state takes over completely by removing the child into foster care. “Every life is precious...........

The hollow tones of politicians who mouth words like “Every Life Is Precious” while eviscerating the rights of citizens, women, men, parents, children for monetary gain, political expediency must be challenged by Citizens Demanding Justice!

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