Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Family Courts Put Wonderful Mothers in Insane Asylums

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Bill Windsor in United States.
The Family Courts in America are horribly broken. It is a great big money machine. And the victims are children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and families.
Maybe some fathers get sent to Insane Asylums, but I have never heard of one -- only mothers who are not crazy as far as I can tell. Psychiatrists get paid a fortune for doing court-ordered psychological evaluations. Who can believe that so many women who get into custody battles are automatically deemed unstable enough to need a psych eval? I don't believe it for a second.
I personally have interviewed absolutely wonderful, normal mothers who have been put through this HELL.
The only thing insane is this criminal racketeering enterprise disguised as Family Court.
The jails are full of people waiting to stand trial, and the prisons are full of people with medical problems (drugs and alcohol). Mental institutions are apparently filled with mothers who simply want to protect their children.
If all the mothers would join together, they could fix this. I recommend PMA - Protective Mothers Alliance. There are just as many bogus "mother's groups" as there are bad judges. I know Janice Levinson and PMA, and I know they have the right intentions.
Ask people you come in contact with if they realized that local courts were putting mothers into Insane Asylums when they are involved in a custody battle. The average person will be shocked.
Then ask them if they were aware that government "officials" routinely strip parents of their parental rights -- take their name(s) off their children's birth certificates.
Only in in Lawless America.
Fathers get victimized as much as mothers in Family Court. Very often, it is the mother (ex-wife) who lies her a$$ off to screw the Dad. Testilying is a disease in courts worse than Ebola. The vindictiveness of mothers against fathers and fathers against mothers is sickening.
Fathers get sent to jail for non-payment of child support. Sorry, but I don't think that should be a crime. Fathers and mothers should pay fair child support as long as they have the ability, but they shouldn't go to prison if they can't pay.
We need jury trials in Family Court. Take the power to destroy lives out of the hands of a single, easily-corrupted judge, and put that power in the hands of a jury composed of half men and half women.
written by Bill Windsor, Producer and Director of Lawless America...The Movie.
Here is a video in which Bill Windsor presents Proposed Legislation for Family Courts --
Seems there is a shortage of places to care fr the real mentally ill --…/resources-strained-menta…/32474905/
Bill Windsor knows lawlessness and corruption first-hand. Here's a summary of his story --…

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