Friday, April 8, 2016

Progress in the World Radio Show - 5 Ways Judges Become Outlaws and Courts Become the Wild, Wild West

5 Ways Judges Become Outlaws and Courts Become the Wild, Wild West

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Sunday 10 April 2016

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Walter Davis, Executive Producer and Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court will interview Evan Bunch – Black Lives Matter Activist and Dr. Anita Harris – Doctor of Divinity and Christian Counseling.

Our focus continues to be on the Citizens Demanding Justice Movement.

This week we report on:

Disorder in the Family Court: When Judges Become Outlaws Courts Become the Wild, Wild West
Tennessee Judge Christy Little Disregards the Law
Black Lives Matter / Our children are Our Legacy

The report - Judge Christy Little Feels Free To:

Create Docket Numbers for Cases Never Filed
Record Pleas for Petitions Never Filed
Alter Plaintiffs Cases –
Disregard / Alter Testimony
Openly Enlist the Collusion of Court Appointed Actors – 

                Guardian Ad Litem Josh Dougan, Esq. Became Petitioner for Children who never appeared in court overnight at the time their custody was being forever altered – or so Christy Little thought.  

An examination of custody rulings in the Tennessee Family Court has revealed evidence of a pattern of custody transfers that are discriminatory, and unfair. 

These rulings have reached the point of being murderous and genocidal to African American families. 

These actions are seeking to dismantle ties of affection and BEST INTEREST to promote care and protection of children.

Judge Little’s court exercises discretion in a manner that creates a dangerous and unstable social environment where outcomes are so unpredictable as to be a source of fear and terror. 

The predilection to transfer children into the hands of those with criminal backgrounds and those with perverse predatory penchants is clear from litigants whom have come forward having lost children at the hands of this corrupt judge.
Our petition to federal Court under Civil rights Removal of State action to Federal Court is predicated upon the assertion that Black Lives Matter and the integrity of the protective parent/protective family structure must be afforded EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

Further, our assertion is that certain judges, in this case a white judge, cares nothing for black children and would prefer to ensure a continuing cycle of anti social behavior, criminal conduct, and dependency within the black population.
The Harris case is a portrait of a pattern of judicial malfeasance in which a judge is able to assert their own particular prejudice or characterological pathology in the direction of asserting power and control in a destructive, venal matter.

Today’s program is about legal intervention and social activism! 


Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 

Walter Davis 

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