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28 Things You Need to Know About Ways Court Mandated Treatment Places You at the Mercy of the Court

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28 Things You Need to Know About Ways Court Mandated Treatment Places You at the Mercy of the Court

Sunday 3 April 2016
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Featuring Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court with Guest – Dr. Monty Weinstein, Psy D.

Dr. Monty Weinstein is an esteemed psychotherapist, family therapist, author, and expert witness in the area of high conflict custody litigation.

Today’s discussion will focus on the client’s need to understand the obligations and ethical standards that apply with regard to court appointed treatment and court appointed professionals.

The litigant has rights to assertion of protections and interventions to respond to areas of violation and intrusion by the court.

We will explore how Court Appointed Experts – (GAL, Psychologists, Parenting Coordinators), conflict with the role of Mandated Reporters and place both parties at “The Mercy of the Court”.  Topics of Focus:
Mandated “Treatment” raises issues of Compromised Confidentiality|Freedom of Choice|Multiple Constitutional and Federal Civil Rights Infringements|
  • Outright Violations related to:
  • Freedom of Speech and Choice
  • Admission of statements against personal interest

We look forward to having Dr. Weinstein as a frequent guest on Progress in the World.

The listening audience is invited to call in with case illustrations and questions to enhance the relevance of this material.

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