Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hidden in Plain Sight: 5 Things You Need to Know About Fraud in Arizona's Foster Care System with Richard Emanuel and Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman

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This is a radio show. Call in number 310-861-2349.
Walter Davis – Executive Producer – 

Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman – Co-Host
The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court 866-553-6931

Featuring Richard Manuel – Prospective Adoptive Parent – Investigator - Activist

On this show we focus on Government Sponsored/Supported Adoption/Foster Care Fraud in Arizona

The story of one Man’s Crusade as he witnessed massive crimes against children upfront and personal Bears Witness and Gives Testimony.
Rick’s Story Begins with:

The Lure of Creating a Happy Family through Adoption

  • The Personal Dream
  • Betrayal of the Dream for Prospective Parent and Children on Display- Children are Window Dressing pictured to create the stock pile of child merchandise in a catalogue.

  • The Assembly Line Business of Foster Care/ Adoption Fraud Spelled Out
  • Factory Farming Children in the Industrial Age –

As the age of humane treatment of farm animals approaches, the humane treatment of children remains a myth as the reporting of child sexual abuse is greeted with accusations of “coaching, brain washing, parental alienation”. 

  • Children are transferred into the hands of abusers as police, criminal justice authorities, therapists, forensic experts advise to allow evidence to “ripen” as child victims suffer irreparable harm from inescapable horrendous embedded memories.  

  • Blanket, hollow accusations of “retaliation” for___ are flung in the face of those who come forward to report. 
  • Those who disclose horrific crimes often face severe consequences for disclosure and even more severe consequences for perseverance in insisting upon investigation of allegations.

Part 2 will focus on:

Adoption and Foster Care Fraud in Arizona:

  • The Story of St. Nicholas of Mira and the Catholic Church
  • Foster Care Review Boards – The Face of Authenticity, Authority“Social Workers”/Wardens – Licensing Boards – Certification to commit heinous crime against children – and the beat goes on!
  • Professionals – Physicians, Therapist, Psychologists – Further “Veneer” Psycotherapy,  psycopharmacology, medical intervention – factory farming

  • As the appetite for funds stemming from foster care farming increase, the drive to recruit foster farmers grows  - Outreach –
  • The Prison Population as New Recruits

  • The Faith Community – So Much for Separation of Church and State
  • The Screening Process to Become a Foster Farmer – Implications for Gay and LGBT Children.

  • The Current State of Foster Care in AZ.
  • Rick Manuel – Advocate/Activist/Accomplishments

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