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4 Things You Need to Know Before Reporting Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse - The Dilemma for the Protective Parent

 4 Things You Need to Know Before Reporting Allegations of  Child Sexual Abuse - The Dilemma for the Protective Parent

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A Child Makes A Statement: OMG, WHAT DO I DO!

Parents who report Allegations of Abuse - instantly face accusations of :
1.      Coaching
2.      Brain Washing
3.      Alienation
4.      Revenge
(If the allegation is against a family member or spouse.)

The McMartin case, based in California (1983 - 1990) represents ground zero for the formal elaboration of studies by psychologists demonstrating through "laboratory" staging of structured interviews, the manner in which children can be coached, influenced, subject to memory insertion.

The new truth "elaborated as scientific certainty was embraced by the Criminal Justice System. Righteous concerns for the protection of testimony, chain of custody protecting evidence found a short hand path to eliminating a mass category of suspect informants immediately deemed to be "liars".

Forensic science found a gold mine/treasure trove of cases to explore, examine, study, exploit.

"Child protective Services" and the Family Courts found another access port to transfer children into the hands of their abusers through engagement in the strong arm tactics of Judicial Discretion and multiple forms of malfeasance and fraud.

Stephen J. Ceci, PhD. & Richard Friedman, PhD -
Scientific Research used to summarily undermine communications of children and those whom attempt to report child sexual abuse

We will discuss:

Legitimate Concerns with 
  • False Allegations
  • Coaching
  • Brain Washing

Proper Analytic/Forensic Assessment

The Tendency for Courts to Embrace Short Hand Concepts that Erase the Problem

Our Guest - Her case represents the issues at hand.

Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman 

Breaking News:
We will be on Kiler Davenport's Show tonight, 23 April 2016 at 6 PM Pacific to announce breaking news.

        The Foundation For The Child Victims Of The Family Courts
                                     A Not For Profit Organization
                                             275 Madison Ave.
                                                     6th floor
                                  New York, New York, 10016
                                            866 – 553 - 6931

To – JUDGE Patrick J. Carol the 3rd.
        Chief Court Administrator
        Office of the Chief Court Administrator
        Supreme Court Bldg.
        231 Capitol Ave.
        Hartford, Ct. 06106

Jill Jones-Soderman PhD, MSW, MSHS                                                                                                                            
Executive Director- FCVFC
Publisher – The US Whistle Blower
Date – 4/25/16

Dear Judge Carol,
I am the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, a not for profit organization and the consultant to Jane Powell, mother of Caroline and Elizabeth Powell, the immediate victims of the egregious ruling put forth by Judge Gricca Tindall.

The Foundation deals with advocacy and legal defense of the Constitutionally , Federally protected Civil Rights of vulnerable children who have been egregiously impacted by the courts. We are currently reviewing the pattern of Judge Tindall’s rulings and will be addressing her multiple malfeasances . We hope that this complaint will be reviewed with the urgency and serious contemplation deserved.

Jill Jones-Soderman

CC – Joel Walter, Esq.

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