Friday, February 26, 2016

25 Things You Need to Know About Foster Care Fraud in Arizona - Progress in the World Radio Show

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Radio Show - Sun. 2/28/16 Walter Davis 

Foster Care Fraud - Arizona - Guest - Richard Manuel and Steven Isham

In 2015 - 17,000 were living in foster care in Arizona according to government records, - a state of relatively low population density.

In 2016 - 20, 000 children are living in foster care in Az..

The state is recruiting foster families from "faith communities"

The process of culling children into Foster care begins with a complaint - is followed by an "investigation" based on probable cause gleaned from "Evidence"

                        Medical - "Probable Cause " The Use of Toxic Diagnoses -Munchausen by Proxy, Factitious Disorders
                        Hospital Evaluations and Removals at Birth
                        Medical Providers Removal - Hospital Screenings

The legal process plotted out by "CPS" - the agency - legally represented by the Attorney General's Office - essentially without representation of the child or the parents

The population of  families whose children are "legally kidnapped" represent a population disenfranchised from access to the family court because of financial challenge -  the market value of representing families of children who by fiat must appear in Family court are not of interest to lawyers graduating from law school because of their lack of presenting an attractive equity position

The Foster Care Industry -


The Non Profit Agency with its multiple interstate affiliates 

"The Seat of Service Delivery" -
Factory Farming of Children by Assembly Line Service Delivery

Foster Home Assignment - Supervision

Legal, Medical, Dental, Psychiatric, Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology

Termination of Parental Rights - Moving onto - Foster Care/Adoption -

                                       RICHARD MANUEL/STEVEN ISHAM

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