Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Things You Need to Know About Fraud and Child Kidnapping by Agencies - Progress in the World Radio Show

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court

Jill Jones-Soderman with Walter Davis interview Richard Manuel. Richard Manuel's Story Begins - "Four years ago when I was a volunteer Mentor here in Arizona"........Richard came into contact the child who would never become his adopted son, but he did meet the child who would change his life and point to a level of "Child Protective Services" corruption in the area of "cash for kids" that is historic.Photo albums displayed children of all ages who were displayed for adoption - though it was doubtful that any of them went anywhere. Richard Manuel stated "I soon discovered that the agency, which was supposed to find adoptive parents for children "severed" from their parents, was actually only interested in using them as foster care children in order to maintain the cash flow from the state".....and Federal government. Richard will discuss: 
  • Who is Richard Manuel, his personal story
  • Advertising children to maintain foster care status
  • The agency
  • Anthony - the child 
  • the FRAUD ........ The story of the Non Profit Agency - St. Nicholas of Myra - The Adoption that No One is Interested in Investigating 
  • Children Kidnapped by the Courts

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