by Duaa Eldeib
Chicago Tribune
Beset by failures in leadership and in treatment of the state’s
most vulnerable children, Illinois’ Department of Children and 
Family Services is hammering out a reform plan after
a panel of court-appointed experts determined the agency needs a 
top-to-bottom overhaul if it hopes to improve the safety and well-being 
of the thousands of youths in its care.
DCFS has until the start of the new year to address the systemic deficiencies
identified in a scathing report filed in federal court, the latest development 
under a decades-old consent decree that allows the American Civil Liberties 
Union of Illinois to monitor the agency.
The report concluded that too many children who are wards of the state are
shuffled from placement to placement and forced to wait months for services. 
The result, the experts wrote, was an erosion of the children’s “already 
pronounced distrust in the system.” The beleaguered agency also suffers from 
an “absence of responsibility and accountability” when it comes to ensuring the 
children receive the help they need, according to the report.
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