Thursday, December 3, 2015



                                       A NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION

                                                    275 MADISON AVE.

                                                          6TH. FLOOR

                                              NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10175

                                                        866 - 553 – 6931

Thank you for contacting the Foundation.

Our fees are related to an initial case evaluation, strategy and planning, whereas long term
treatment and services are related to the intrinsic public policy, academic research and training value of your case. Our ongoing services, related to client needs as assessed in the evaluation portion of our work together are part of our ongoing commitment to mutual goals for the client's presenting case, personal health, well-being and accomplishment of goals outlined and the Foundation's mission. Once we accept a client for engagement in our program, there is no time limit as to provision of services. The extent of services provided is defined by the mission statement and goals defined by the Foundation through our web sites.

We recommend that you review our web site, FCVFC.ORG to learn more of the Forensic evaluation, strategy/planning interventions, clinical, therapeutic, teaching, publishing work conducted by our organization.

Once accepted as a client of the FCVFC we will draft a Memorandum of Understanding with you dealing with defining the mutual expectations for both you and the Foundation staff which deal with issues of confidentiality, reliability, communication, consistency and parameters of our work together.
As noted, once the evaluation process is completed and acceptance is agreed upon, ongoing diagnostic, evaluation, strategy, planning, clinical support is not subject to further monetary charge.

Payment for services is considered to be exchanged through your valuable participation in the program.

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