Attorney Keith Knowlton representing Leanna Smith before the 9th Circuit Court. Source.
by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor
MedicalKidnap.com is a website born in late 2014 and is part of the Health Impact News network. We started MedicalKidnap.com because so many families were coming to us and begging us to publish their stories to the public – stories of how their children were taken away from them by an apparent collusion between medical doctors and social workers in Child Protection Services (CPS). The parents often felt like victims for disagreeing with doctors over the care of their children, which resulted in them losing their children to the State. Children with medical needs seized by State social services bring a tremendous amount of revenue to the State, and federal laws actually allow children who are wards of the State to be involuntarily used in drug trials. See:

Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

We soon learned that the State of Arizona had a higher percentage of children being taken out of homes and put into foster care than any other state in the nation. There are so many children taken away from their families in Arizona, that often they end up sleeping in administrative social service offices until a foster home can be found. See:

Arizona’s Exploding Foster Care Intake: Kids sleeping in State Office Buildings
kidnapped babies in offices

The situation has not improved in 2015, but actually become worse.
As Health Impact News began to report family stories of medical kidnappings in Arizona, Family Court judges in Arizona began to issue gag orders on these parents and threaten them if they did not get us to take down their stories. However, Health Impact News stands on its First Amendment rights, and we have not removed one single story from Arizona to date.
One of the most egregious cases we published from Arizona is the case of Leanna Smith, who had her two daughters taken away from her for alleged medical reasons, and adopted out. Sources who have followed this case closely have told us that pretty much everyone in Arizona in the political system knows that there was corruption involved in the Smith family case, as their 4 year old healthy daughter was taken away from them as an apparent retaliation against Leanna for exposing the corruption in the Arizona medical system that led to her losing her two daughters.
But everyone was too afraid to take a stand on the truth in this case, as it exposes alleged conspiracy and racketeering between doctors, out-of-state psychiatrist Brenda Bursch from UCLA, CPS social workers and managers, and the foster parents who eventually adopted the 4-year old girl and changed her name. From State legislators to the Arizona Governor to the U.S. Department of Justice, no one seemed to want to touch this case. Even the Arizona Judge presiding over the initial case sealed much of the evidence, including over 1800 recordings by Leanna Smith that allegedly exposes the conspiracy and corruption.
In January of 2015 Health Impact News decided to publish their story, bringing it to the public:

Corruption and Medical Malpractice Coverup involving Arizona CPS? How One Family was Destroyed
Leanna, Jameelah, Chaunell (1)

Due to the tireless efforts of the mother Leanna Smith who refused to give up, and her attorney Keith Knowlton, they continued to fight for justice. Their case finally got out of Arizona and reached the U.S. 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco in April of 2015.
It was hoped that the 9th Circuit judges would see the merits of the case and render an appropriate verdict. However, the 9th Circuit did not rule favorably, and seemingly ignored the merits of the case and instead ruled on a technicality of the timing of evidence presented, using a “res judicata” law to throw the case back to Arizona to effectively start the process all over again.
The Smith family attorney believes the 9th Circuit Court erred in this ruling, based on how res judicata has been used in other cases, and has therefore appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, filing a Petition for Writ of Certiorari (U.S. Supreme Court Case Number 15-732), instead of going back to the Arizona courts.
The Ninth Circuit applied the doctrine of res judicata to bar Petitioner’s claims under § 1983 in the case below (hereinafter, “Smith III”), based on the judgment in a prior lawsuit (hereinafter, “Smith I”), 1 against largely unrelated parties. To the extent it applied res judicata to claims that accrued after the initial complaint in the prior suit, the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with the prevailing rule adopted in virtually every other Circuit, as well as in a prior panel decision in the Ninth Circuit itself, that such claims are not barred unless they have actually been added to the prior case by a supplemental pleading. (Source.)

Who Are the Accused in Arizona Conspiracy and Racketeering?

According to the Writ of Certiorari filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, the following parties are named:
Respondents are two separate groups of care providers: (1) a pediatrics doctor, psychologists and therapists (collectively referred to as “Professional Respondents”) that contracted with the State of Arizona to provide services to CR while CR was in the custody of Arizona’s Child Protective Services (hereinafter, “CPS”) and (2) CPS case workers and supervisors responsible to the care and treatment of CR while in CPS custody (hereinafter referred to as “CPS Employee Respondents”).
The Professional Respondents include Marina Greco (hereinafter, “Greco”), a therapist employed by Childhelp Children Center of Arizona who served as CR’s therapist; Brenda Bursch (hereinafter, “Bursch”), a psychologist contracted by the State of Arizona to evaluate CR and provide therapy recommendations regarding CR; Katrina Buwalda (hereinafter, “Buwalda”), a psychologist contracted with the State of Arizona to handle visitation between CR and her mother; Buwalda’s employer, Buwalda Psychological Services PLLC; Kathryn Coffman (hereinafter, “Coffman”), a pediatric doctor; and Dignity Health, fka Catholic Healthcare West dba St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (hereinafter, “Dignity Health”), Coffman’s employer who contracted with the State of Arizona to investigate medical child abuse claims against Petitioner and provide recommendations to CPS regarding those claims. The CPS Employee Respondents consist of Kristi and Brent Mueller, CR’s CPS- appointed foster family; Tammy Macalpine, the CPS case manager responsible for CR; Bonnie Brown, a CPS supervisor; Amanda Torres, a CPS investigator; and the State of Arizona, employer of each of these individuals.

What are They Accused of in the Conspiracy?

According to the Writ of Certiorari filed with the U.S. Supreme Court:
The Racketeers started by prohibiting Leanna from bringing JS (CR’s Sister), Cordell (CR’s Brother) and Darrell (whom she thought of as “Dad”) to supervised visits with CR and prohibited Leanna from praying with and discussing religion with CR. They, through the Foster Family, then exposed CR to movies, music, dress, makeup and profanity that they knew would not be approved by Leanna and that would be enticing to a teenager. As a result of these efforts, CR began to disagree with her mother’s values, began to swear and became angry because she could not see JS, Darrell and Cordell at visits with Leanna. She blamed her mother for this and was never informed by CPS and the Racketeers that they had prohibited them from visiting.
The Racketeers’ then influenced CR to believe that her mother was lying to her about Leanna’s and Darrell’s religious beliefs. They influenced CR into believing Smith and Darrell were really Muslims, rather than Christians and that Darrell had other wives. They also influence CR into believing that Leanna’s litigation in the District Court against the doctors and hospitals would result in her not being able to become a nurse and that if she went home to her mother she would just do what her mother wanted and could not act independently of her. As a result of this manipulation, CR told Smith that she did not want to come home but wanted to continue to have a relationship with her mother and family. All this while DES was intending to pursue termination rather than reunification.
At the very point where CR indicated she wanted to remain in foster care until 18, but still have a relationship with Leanna and her family, and at the moment CR become angry with her mother and felt her mother was lying to her about why Darrell was not at visits and that her mother was lying to her about her religious beliefs, the Racketeer’s had CR read the book “Sickened” and read Dr. Bursch’s Report accusing Leanna of having mental illnesses and alleging that Leanna caused CR’s medical problems as a child because of her MSBP.
“Sickened” is the story of a girl who lost her childhood because her mother had poisoned her as a result of having MSBP. Upon finishing reading the book “Sickened,” with Greco, her therapist and Foster Mother, CR related to the child in the book and from that point on believed that Leanna had drugged her causing the unexplained comas she had as a child. After reading “Sickened” and Bursch’s report, CR thereafter believed her mother is mentally ill, has MSBP, was trying to hurt her and deprived her of her childhood. Before the matter was ever heard by the Juvenile Court, the Racketeers had effectively destroyed the relationship CR had with Leanna to the point where CR does not want to have anything to do with her mother.
The Racketeers did not wait to litigate the MSBP issues before the Juvenile Court but did so in CR’s mind long before the matter came to trial. The Racketeers used Bursch’s report and testimony to take JS into CPS custody, even though no medical problems ever existed with JS. The Racketeers manipulated CR to bring allegations of physical abuse against Leanna to justify retention of custody of JS and placing JS in the same foster home as CR. Thereafter, they continued to manipulate CR to obtain false allegations of physical abuse against Darrell and physical abuse and sexual abuse allegations against Leanna.
The Racketeers knew that CR had become “enmeshed” with Foster Mother and used this relationship to manipulate CR and to obtain false allegations of abuse by having Foster Mother and Father attend counseling sessions with Greco and CR and Greco and the Foster Mother reading and interpreting Bursch’s report with her as well as reading with her and interpreting the book “Sickened.”
The existence and nature of the scheme to defraud is shown by the following. On 2/19/2010, Greco at the direction of and with the consent of Brown and MacAlpine, had a conversation with Brenda Bursch regarding therapy for CR. This was done before Bursch had prepared her report or interviewed CR or Leanna. In that conversation, Bursch offered Greco various interventions Greco could use with CR as victim on MSBP and suggested Greco integrate old medical records into CR’s treatment to help her “re-think past events” and to entertain a different view of her medical treatment than she then had which they believed came from her mother.
On 4/23/10, Dr. Bursch interviewed CR. At the conclusion of the interview, Dr. Bursch recommended CR read the book “Sickened, The True Story of a Lost Childhood” by Julie Gregory. Upon information and belief, Dr. Bursch had an off the record conversation with CR about her mother causing her unexplained comas and causing her medical conditions she had in the past and recommended she read this book.
On 4/28/2010 Marina Greco, Katrina Buwalda, Bonnie Brown, Tammy Hamilton-MacAlpine and the Foster Mother discussed by email whether they should stop what they were doing in therapy with CR. They were proud of CR that she no longer trusted or believed her mother and were concerned about whether they should continue further. It was agreed they should continue to answer CR’s questions she was having about her mother. Greco informed the above that after her visit with CR where she expressed her anger with her mother that she was lying to her, that she had purchased the book “Sickened” that was recommended by Dr. Bursch for CR to read and would give it to her to read. She then gave the book to CR to read.
Bursch’s report was completed by May 9, 2010. Upon information and belief, at about this same time, CR was provided Bursch’s Report regarding Leanna by MacAlpine and CR read this report and the medical timeline contained therein with the Foster Mother and Greco.
On 5/13/2010, CR and Foster Mother completed the recommended reading of the book “Sickened.” CR identified herself with the child character in the book and at this point, believed that her mother drugged her to cause her comas. CR expressed concern about JS remaining in the home and it was at this point she stated she had memories of physical abuse of JS.
The above actions constitute a scheme or artifice to defraud Leanna and Darrell of custody of CR and/or JS and to damage or eliminate Leanna’s claims against the Civil Rights case Defendants by manipulating CR into believing her mother had MSBP, her mother tried to kill her, that CR needed to protect JS and take JS out of her mother’s home and to make false allegations of abuse (including sexual abuse) to assure termination of Leanna and Darrell’s parental rights in CR and JS.
Leanna’s parental interest in CR and JS constitutes a property interest that Defendants knowingly and intentionally schemed to deprive Leanna and Darrell of by having CR not want to have anything to do with them and manufacturing false allegations of physical and sexual abuse to present to the Juvenile Court and to have Leanna and Darrell prosecuted criminally. The acts set forth above constitute a pattern of racketeering activity that took place from January of 2010 and is ongoing to the present.
Greco was placed on 90 days probation with Child Help, starting 3/1/2010, following a Complaint made to the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners regarding Greco telling a young girl she was counseling that it would be in her best interest if Greco adopted her. Greco quit Child Help and CR and JS were then assigned to Southwest Network Counselor Laura Gonzales who continued to manipulate CR and JS in accordance with the scheme set out by the Racketeers.
The Racketeers presented and used the false allegations of abuse before the Juvenile Court to seek termination of Plaintiffs parental interest in CR and JS. The Court denied DES’s petition to terminate Leanna’s parental rights in CR and dismissed the dependency petition filed by CPS. However, the Juvenile Court terminated Leanna and Darrell’s parental rights in JS based on the false allegations of abuse involving JS and that matter is up on appeal. The ruling by the Juvenile Court was based upon fraudulent information intentionally provided to the Court by the Racketeers. Leanna was subject to multiple criminal investigations as each new allegation of abuse comes from CR. The Racketeers aggressively sought criminal prosecution of Leanna and Darrell based on the false allegations of abuse. No criminal prosecution took place and all cases have been closed by the police.
The Racketeers drove a wedge between Leanna and Darrell and CR. CR feels her mother is mentally ill, caused her medical condition she experienced as a child, has MSBP and has indicated she does not want to have anything to do with her Mother. Even though the Court ruled in Leanna’s favor, Leanna does not know where her daughter is and is not able to contact her to reestablish their relationship.
Further, the Racketeers collectively constituted an enterprise, as defined in 18 USC s 1961 (4) to wit, an association which has been engaged in and the activities of which affect interstate commerce. Based on the above, the Racketeers have witnessed tampered and retaliated against a witness and exploited them under 18 USC 1962(c). The tampered and exploited witnesses were CR and JS.
UCLA entered into a contract with the State of Arizona, DES to provide services regarding MSBP. Pursuant to this Contract, Bursch was to provide the services. Bursch and UCLA contractually agreed to abide by all laws in the State of Arizona and agreed to indemnify DES for any injuries or damages resulting from Bursch’s conduct.

A Heartbroken Mother Standing on Faith Speaks Out

Leanna Smith has stated to me on several occasions that her faith in God is the only thing keeping her going all these years. She firmly believes that this trial and ordeal to their family has a higher purpose. Her desire is that this case will expose to the public the terrible corruption that currently exists in the “legal” kidnapping and trafficking of children in not only the state of Arizona, but in virtually every state in the U.S.
Just recently Leanna found out that her youngest daughter, who was in perfect health when taken away from her at age 4 and is now 9 years old, apparently needs a liver transplant, as the adopted parents put up a GoFundMe page for her. See:

Shocked Arizona Mother Finds GoFundMe Page for Medical Needs of Daughter Medically Kidnapped

Chaunell and Jameelah smiling

Leanna writes:
A 9 year Cover-up has been exposed.
My youngest daughter was at the hospital everyday with me from 11/02/2006-2/272007 with the doctor talking to her, holding her, playing with her.
Then on 9/3/2008 CPS was called on CR by those same hospitals. JS was left in the home with CPS seeing her from 9/3/2008-5/21/2010 and not once had JS ever been sick or abused. JS was healthy when they stole her on 5/21/2010 at 4 years old. In State custody they physically, mentally and sexually abused her, placed her on multiple psychological drugs to the point where she needed a liver transplant on 1/27/2015.
A timeline tells it like it happened. This story tells how they systematically destroy a family. The racketeers network secretly and commit horrific crimes against innocent parents and children. There is no extent to the low level of corruption and evil they will go to. The extent of destruction is beyond human reasoning. These racketeers are a menace to society. If our laws are not going to protect us, then there are no laws to follow. We hope and pray that the U.S. Supreme Court Hears our case and the leaders that uphold our Constitution will preserve and protect the rights of the people. Pray with us and for us. God sees all.

How Will a Nation Respond to Today’s Medical Kidnappings and Child Trafficking by Our Government and Medical System?

Health Impact News is one of the few media sources willing to tell these family stories of medical kidnappings and child trafficking that is all done “legally.” When will the mainstream media start doing its job and start exposing this corruption? Are there any honest law makers left in this country that are willing to take a stand for justice, the U.S. Constitution, and the American family? How about the helpless children being systematically abused, trafficked, and in many cases murdered while in State custody? Who will speak for them?
Child “Protection” Services is a broken system, beyond repair. It is high time we end all federal funding for child welfare services that take children away from families, and allow state revenues to stay in local communities with local community solutions for those children that are truly abused.
For more information, see:

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