Thursday, December 3, 2015

FCVFC Mission Statement

                                        BREAKING NEWS

The Foundation moves into the future with hope and plans to provide services for large portions of the population whom are not able to afford retainer fees for private legal services,

The entity envisioned will be recruiting clients, screening cases to move forward with class action suits.  The intention of such suits will be to bring awareness and proactive correction to areas of public policy and legislation that do not currently address glaring deficiencies in practice, policy and procedure.

The Board of Directors and staff of the FCVFC are deeply distressed over the number of people who seek our assistance whom we cannot attend to because of financial challenges on the part of the Foundation and the part of the client. The Foundation does not and will not in the future be accepting any Federal funding or grants. We however do have strategy in place that will enable us to work with the public to self-finance class actions in Rico and Federal Civil Rights suits. Toward this end, we are actively and aggressively joining forces with like-minded colleagues to meet the goal described.

All clients whom have reached out for assistance and have imparted case and contact information, the information has been maintained. All of those clients will be contacted, offered an opportunity to
engage in the screening process for whatever class action law suit we are pursuing,

The FCVFC will be publishing progress reports toward recruiting clients whose need to assert claims has been unrequited but may find hope for restitution.

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