Monday, October 26, 2015

Wendy Greene Needs Help!


 Ann Greene Needs Help!
By Jill Garrett ·
Namaste View original Wendy's story and updates!  Twitter Storm

Hello,Most of the people reading this know Wendy's plight. You can go here for  Wendy's story and updates! . is sponsoring the domain.

Wendy's mother is REFUSING to help her. So I am asking fellow Warriors to be her family and help. If those who can, donate, I'm sure this goal will be easily reached in a short amount of time. Wendy is running out of time.There are medical issues and costs, among other costs necessary to help her win her battle: Independent psychiatric evaluation to counter the soon-to-be "officially" determined results that will find her mentally incompetent.

Polygraph. She fell last week and injured her back. She's being refused medical treatment, other than ibuprofen. She would like to see her own doctor. It's also suspected they are medicating her without her permission, so she would like the doctor to run a drug panel.The deadline for the need of the donations is no more than 2 weeks, so they can be completed before October 21st and November 6th important deadlines.

The additional money raised will help her find a place to live, hopefully with her sons, since her mother is not going to take them in. When this began on September 9th, she lost her apartment.Wendy is my best friend and my right hand in my segment of the movement: International Family Civil Rights and #OpExposeCPS Twitter Storms. Even while fighting her own battle, she has selflessly helped hundreds of people. We tried getting the attention of the media with our  Twitter Storm  and almost 17,000 Tweets later, no reporter has exposed the corruption. We cannot allow "The Powers That Be" silence Wendy forever with the label of insanity!God Bless and Namaste!

Jill Garrett

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