Sunday, October 18, 2015

7 Facts You Need to Know About the Failure to Protect Children Against Sex Abuse: Laray's Story

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This program will focus on the issues of Judicial Discretion in Family Courts. Across the country, Family Court Judges routinely sentence children whom have made allegations of rape and sexual abuse to the full custody of their abuser.

We will begin with victim statements and include legal community expert opinions.

Our experts are fully aware of the presence of procedural maneuvers and internal politics within the system. These unjust acts allow victims to be humiliated and discredited. 

Ardith Laray Mossholder is a victim of years of child sexual abuse.  

Two children were twice consigned by a corrupt court to the custody of their abuser. She is the subject of this show. 

We will be hosting a series of shows on this topic.

Walter Davis and Jill Jones-Soderman of the FCVFC will co-host this show.

Ardith Laray Mossholder 
| Phone – 501-605-4367 | email: 

Support her via this GoFundMeLink: 

Twitter: @justice4children

Jill Jones-Soderman | PhD, MSW, MSHS | | | 866-553 – 6931
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Walter Davis 

Email Laray to order one of these bracelets to help with rasising funds. She must have $25,000 by December 2015 to file her appeal to get her kids back.....from the hands of an abuser.


Jill Jones-Soderman
Walter Davis

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