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Re: Corporatocracy and how it destroyed everything our country was founded on.

Walter &; Curtis,

This is a quick a addendum to my "change wishes" and a little more personal:

My parents (both objectively brilliant but with emotional baggage) were divorced when I was 3 so, despite my pedigree, I lived in student housing and had government provided school lunches in my early education years.  Having grown up in Santa Barbara (playground for the rich), there was always a clear distinction between who was a landowner/business versus a worker.  As Los Angeles encroached further north to Santa Barbara, the artsy, unique boutiques went away and were replaced by the Gap and Old Navy's of today.  I was going to churches, temples, Indian sweats and mosques with my mother as she got her 2d Masters in Religious Studies.  I learned so much about faith growing up and dinner conversations were mostly about politics and world religions. :o)

Later, in my rebellion years, I was lucky that my my mom had insurance for me because I was very self destructive and made many teenager unsafe teen experiments.  I was lucky to have found a recovery/support group that nurtured me through to my twenties.  This foundation allowed me to start back at point A and to find a purpose.  My purpose has been found and it is to help humanity and the planet.  I especially love children and want to save them the brunt of all my mistakes through lack of emotional support.

The primary problem we are facing boils down to greed.  The only way we can start anew is to 1) Amend the constitution to protect us folks from the banks, wall street, corporations and the "frozen chosen" at the top.  This shift from love/compassion and away from greed and corruption.  The other alternative is to re-create our own utopia.  Government and corporations can't hear us.  Why not an intentional community where we live in balance and harmony with our planet, as nature intended.

Had I been a child now, rather than in the 1970s, my prospects for nutritious food, decent education and job opportunities would be limited unless I was wealthy.  That is not healthy for a democracy and is a great formula for collapse.  Perhaps collapse is what has to happen before people choose one another over profit. If money is a society's only value, there is no "civilization."  Lastly, our leaders have to represent us, not the frozen chosen.  The only way this happens is through true election reform.  Rigging the system is against every noble notion of our foregathers.

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On September 25, 2012 7:14:42 AM PDT, Angela wrote:

Corporatocracy and how it destroyed everything our country was founded on.
My pedigree as both a descendent of the Mayflower (Bradford) and the American Revolution (several ancestors) is solid.  I was born in 1971, when the shift of "we" back to an "I" society was coalescing in the late 70's, in the name of evangelicals, war profiteers, bankers and multinational corporations that didn't want to be bothered with regulation.  These regulations have destroyed the fabric of everything. 
My experience with Corporatocracy is as follows:
Housing for children and poor families:
Funding was reduced so that the poor are poorer than ever.  The money that previously went into social services that protect the most vulnerable have been mostly depleted with the lies of "welfare queens" and dismissing the poor as unworthy since they are poor citizens not "rich consumers." 
As for foreclosures and the market bubble collapsing, I am a victim of that.  I purchased my home in 2007, when the market was crashing.  We lost all equity and savings in that purchase.  We are unable to refinance.
Food for the poor:
Food banks are flooded with poor, trying to survive.  The demand for food exceeds the generosity of the corporations.  The food that often is donated for such purposes are expired or nutritionally void. 
Healthcare for everyone:
Rather than have Medicare for all, we have representatives who have their healthcare needs taken care of, elderly who do not want the same privileges for everyone else, and most of all, private insurance companies that want to make money off of providing everyone with healthcare.  We are the only "industrialized country" without healthcare for all.  In my own experience, a 1/3 of my monthly salary goes to my premium and my co pays.  Obamacare serves the insurance companies, not us.  One day, we will have Medicare for all and we pay our premiums to the government and see whatever private doctor we want.
Another example of how a service for the people got high jacked by the Wall Street and corporations.  There is no lack of money.  There is a lack of generosity and trust.  Overpopulation has allowed the rich to dismiss the poor as undesirables.  Wall Street is an illusion.  It has nothing to do with what the value a company is, and has everything to do with what the Wall Street gamblers believe the value is or is not.
Politics and our Judiciary
I do not believe electing and appointing rich people to lead our country is helping.  Get educated, compassionate leaders and judges to make decision for our country.  If only 1-2% of our country owns everything, we need leaders that represent us, not the multinational corporations and money hoarders who are committing genocide through greed.  Remove money as a factor completely and our system will start to move again.  Oligarchy does not work for a society who wishes to remain.
They are the least we can do.  I want to support everyone with my taxes.  I want my taxes to go to the causes I choose, not the soulless leaders who are corrupted by money and power. 
My Background
I have been exalted in my skills and smarts and fired for the same reasons.  My ideas may be too early in time but they are the ideas that move us to the next level of evolution.
Expand empathy/compassion and love.  This is the only way we all heal.  To save our planet, we much choose her over corporate interests.
Best, Angela Parker

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