Saturday, September 15, 2012

Child Protective Services Talking Point by Lynn Marie

I think the Child Protective Services Agency has morphed into a propaganda scheme. It does not protect the rights and liberties of the citizens. It boasts that it saves children, although ironically, children are being harmed in droves once in the hands of the government agency. Changes need to be made. I have personally heard many stories and tragedies and have found very disturbing stories and voices that have been unheard. Luke's Army in Australia comes to mind. A father started fighting for his son who died in the hands of strangers in the foster care agency. It is troubling.

Statistics such as 600 high risk sex offenders in the state of California being registered as foster care facilities is a troubling statistic...along with many other disturbing information that I have discovered and wanted to look into.

I think the Child Protective Services issue is taboo in the mainstream media, because it is assumed that the majority of society holds the same views of the Population Control Theory that Thomas Malthus developed. The aristocracy of the time embraced it and in fact, Charles Darwin was greatly influenced by him. This idea is widely believed today by many. The opposition to this theory are the cornucopians. Cornucopians is a derogatory term in some sense, but nevertheless it explains that the universe will provide, although most subscribe to the Doomsday mentality of scarcity. The population control theory states that the impoverish should not be reproducing and raising children when they cannot provide for them and it condemns the Catholics, Mormons and other segments in the population that believe in a "quiver full" or lots of children...these individuals are extremely loathed.

Eugenics and population control is so Hitler-ish and it states that there are only certain segments of the population allowed to reproduce and all others should be castrated, put to death, or not reproduce....ummm really? How does one determine worthiness or this duty? We have fought so much to preserve human rights so why are we taking steps back?

I believe that all people should have the right to raise children and have a family if they choose and income or monetary factors should not be an indication for this role.

We should be compassionate among our fellow human beings and all options should be exhausted before children become wards of the state. Where does one draw the line...parent bashing is unacceptable behavior and these social workers have resulted in this.

For now, the world welfare state should make some corrections and the system needs to be more efficient so that money and resources are not being wasted on horrendous acts of preserving the status quo and concealment, on the other hand, more efforts should be made to preserve the family unit.!/2012/06/talking-point-about-child-protective.html

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