Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Visitors of this Site

It is my pleasure to introduce you to myself.  My name is Lynn Marie and I am a contributor to this citizen's forum.  We will be discussing relevant issues in regards to worldwide issues that are pressing and urgent.  We want society to be a better place and we are fighting for the rights of humanity.

I have another blog where there have been near 10,000 viewers from all over the world that have visited this site since I launched it in November of last year.
I also have many online media sites via Twitter and Facebook.

We will be addressing the needs of the community.  There is much to be done with the horrendous child protective services agencies worldwide and the family court system and most of my posts in this forum will address these issues.

I feel honored to be a contributor to this hope is to educate and move people to awareness and action in this very important issue.   Our families are at stake.  Our children are at stake.  We must act promptly and swiftly to correct these dire issues and make things better for the families out there that have been affected by this.

Lynn Marie

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