Saturday, September 15, 2012

Michael the Protector Poem

Michael The Protector

Likened to the archangel of heaven
Here on earth. There is a battle.
A battle for souls.
Solace for the weary,
Relentlessly pursued but deeply revered.
Fighting for humanity. He toils.
The war is raging.
Michael is a soldier. Soldier for the iniquity of man.

Father lies helpless as he watches his son, beautiful son pass away from this life and they look the other way.

Michael, the Bearer of Truth,
you represent the cries of all the grieving parents who have lost their children.
As families cry out, they are crying with you as the incompassionate look the other way.

Michael the warrior. True warrior indeed!
The real life Transporter.

Love, Lynn Marie

Michael, take rest in your soul...!/2012/07/michael-protector-poem-lukesarmycom.html