Thursday, March 10, 2016

17 Horrific Facts About Psychiatry That You Need to Know: Lauren Tenney on Progress in the World Radio Show

Progress in the World Radio Show

Sunday 13 March 2016


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Lauren Tenney,  PhD, MPhil, MPA, a psychiatric survivor and environmental psychologist will discuss current events in psychiatry that the State does not want you to know or think about including 
  • Institutional and structural racism and classism in psychiatry 
  • Psychiatric slavery 
  • The mass drugging of people of all ages 
  • Shock treatment 
  • Shock treatment on veterans 
  • Shock treatment on pregnant women 
  • The current effort by the FDA to make shock treatment 'safe enough' for people who are said to be "depressed" and "treatment-resistant" or "require rapid response" of shock. 
First institutionalized at 15 years old, Lauren's activist work uses video research and alternative media to shine light on institutional corruption which is a source of profit for organized psychiatry. She works to abolish state-sponsored human rights violations, such as murder, torture, and slavery, that are carried out via state-sponsored organized psychiatric industries. Sign this important petition to help:
Dr. Lauren Tenney 718-273-8708

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