Friday, August 15, 2014


When I was growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, the police were shooting us and the fire department was bombing our churches and homes, there was no one to call. This was in the 1950's and 1960's...

American foreign policy supported the Apartheid government in South Africa. Our government provided intelligence to South African authorities to allow the arrest of Nelson Mandela. Dr. Kings activities were thwarted by police, FBI and CIA. MANY civil rights leaders were arrested and killed by law enforcement...MANY remain in jail solitary confinement...where they have been for more than four decades.

Who do you call when the police and government officials do not do their fact...they harm the public instead of protecting them?

My father had to become part of armed citizen patrols that patrolled our neighborhood to fight the police and fire department as they came in to murder us and blow up our homes and churches.

I continue his a watch dog via the Internet.

We must learn from history's lessons.

The patriots that defended America from Britain have now become a world police force that kills at will...assassinating world leaders as it chooses and destroying countries that will not adopt it's religious, political and commercial viewpoints.

The Jews that suffered horribly at the hands of Nazis have now become a brutal military force that kills children in schools and women in shelters...innocents on the will.

America has NEVER been the land of the free. It has been a land of genocide and slavery...both 18th century style and 21st century style. The slaves of not even know that they are slaves to the 300 people who run this planet.

They charge higher and higher prices while paying us the same or less. They ship our jobs overseas and enslave impoverished people.

They develop ever more effective killing systems while our education, arts, civility...wane in the distance of a destructive war machine.

Our neighborhoods are made unsafe by drug laws that incriminate a very high proportion of our population...more than ANY other country....and these people ARE NOT given a chance to repair their lives and to improve become career criminals while the injustice system makes a profit.

The concrete industry makes a lot of money from the building of prisons.

The judges, lawyers, public pretenders, bail bondsmen, arms manufacturers ...make a huge profit while employing rural Americans to warehouse urban victims of the justice system.

As America supported slavery....genocide of the Cherokee, Black Feet, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, Comanche, The Californios...and support genocide against Africans, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Libyans, Lebanese, Tunisians, ...and others.

Police are supported in the killing of our youth...Trayvon Martin....the recent killings in Missouri, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York...on and on.

So I plead with you authorities...stop killing us. I plead with the general public...get not allow them to get away with this.

Lets take a good look at our history and be critical where we can..corrective where we need to be and praise where we need to. Not all officials are bad. Not all citizens are bad...not all people in prison are guilty....we have to be brutally honest.

We need citizens oversight committees all over the country to monitor police activities and the activities of our elected officials. They must be accountable to US...not...WE become the victims of them...the ones in power....WE HAVE THE POWER...we must harness it.

We must know our history.

We must not allow division on topics.

We can all agree that abortions are hideous...but...lets not block a woman's right to choose...lets eliminate the reasons that women have to get them.

We can agree that crime is horrible...but...lets develop opportunities for youth and previously convicted people...not just lock them away.

We can provide help to people with mental illness...not with drugs and prison...but with therapy and compassion.

We can agree that taxes are too high and no one should live off of the labor of others...but....lets make sure that people have their basic needs...that they can get jobs or run they can pay taxes and make a living...lets make sure that people make a living wage and that workers are more important than stockholders.

We can make sure that our communities are more important than profits.

Everyone deserves a home, health care, food, sanitary conditions, safety. Lets not allow any other choice. Lets build a nation of civility, love, compassion...instead of competitiveness, callousness, war and disregard for our environment.

Lets focus on ethics instead of morality...we all may differ on morality..but...we all have the same ethical concerns.

Lets separate religion and government.

Lets stop the slow strangling of our schools, and other public institutions that are being allowed to that those who want to privatize can have and excuse to sack our the name of profit.

Lets have a maximum wage and demand that ALL SHARE in the growth and prosperity that the universe has to offer us. NO ONE SHOULD WORK FOR LESS THAN A LIVING WAGE.

Money must be made plentiful.

Education must be free to allow the cultivation of all minds.

We need law enforcement. We need a partnership. We need protection..not wholesale murder by police officials with no accountability. The American people are not going to tolerate this....the world is not going to tolerate this.

The black and white pics above come from my home town of Birmingham in the 1960's. The police under Bull Connor thought they could get away with murdering us. After they arrested our parents and killed many of us...the kids hit the streets and protested. When they began beating us...people came from California...Ohio...New York...France, England...and beat the CRAP out of our police...that ended Jim Crow laws.

The color pics are of more recent conflicts between law enforcement and citizens.

You see, lessons learned have been forgotten. So many people today do not know who Angela Davis is. They do not know that my church...Sixteenth Baptist...was the meeting spot for Dr. King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference....we met there on Mondays...before going to Kelly Ingram Park...them marching down Sixth Avenue in Birmingham...this is where you see the dogs and people being attacked by dogs...

Then as now...citizens are not going to tolerate the wholesale murder of our neighbors and kids...the WORLD WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.

Lets take our case to the international courts. Lets document the abuses using social media, Internet TV and Radio.

Participate in the involved...keep your elected officials afraid of YOU...not the other way around.

This will take courage...tenacity.

We can use will be painful and inconvenient..but...not as bad as seeing YOUR baby shot in the head....YOUR MOM father was 67 year old grandmother beaten by police.

So...I am not afraid to stand up.

I served the country for more than 25 years in the US Navy.

I did not fight to see the American people mistreated in the way they are now.

I am committed to justice, and compassion....I am dedicated to my community..

I love the people of this country and the world.

I want to be a responsible world citizen...I only ask...that our government and authorities understand...that they must also be responsible.....WORLD CITIZENS.

The lame stream media will not tell our stories. WE must do that. Join the Citizens Internet TV and Radio Network. Lets pool our stories..our assets.

Lets tell our own stories with advantages that were not even THOUGHT OF in 1960.

We will win...We will over come...we Demand JUSTICE...hence...the name of this blog...Please share this. If you want to join me in the Citizens Internet TV me at

I am committed to freedom, justice, civil rights, human rights...and the environment.

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