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Left Hook - Judicial Rights: The Most Important Fight of Our Time

Left Hook

By Walter Davis

San Diego, California


8 December 2012


Judicial Rights: The Most Important Fight of Our Time

The proud grandparents had come to Italy to witness the birth of their granddaughter. Their sailor-son-in-law was Command Center Supervisor on a Navy admiral’s staff in Naples – Commander Fleet Air Mediterranean. While touring Naples, they visited a fabulous furniture store. Granny got her wish and Pop ordered a living room and dining room set. The ornate carvings on the chairs and tables were very beautiful. They picked a gold fabric to match the beautiful hardwood on their new custom made sofa and chairs. They enjoyed their beautiful new granddaughter. She was joined by a beautiful little sister the following year.

The sofa was delivered in Los Angeles just before the proud new Navy mom and dad arrived about a little more than year later. They were on their way to Japan; to a new assignment in USS MIDWAY CV-41 and new adventure.

They loved their two little girls, born in Germany and Italy during their tour with the Navy’s Sixth Fleet. The oldest, little Adria had been born at 37 weeks, she had been taken by air ambulance to Frankfurt, Germany to be born due to her premature birth. A massive earthquake had hit Italy and her mother went into labor. Katrina, still a tiny infant had been born in Italy 18 months later. Adria, now a toddler, was dancing and running around, so excited to see granny. Dad cautioned her to stop running just before she struck her face on the corner of one of the ornate carvings, blood rushing down her cheek.

The terrified young father administered first aid to the hysterical little cutie and wondered if her face would be permanently scarred. He rushed her to the hospital and explained what happened to the staff. While his girl got stitches in her little face, the real nightmare was about to begin. As a nurse cared for his daughter, the young navigator was escorted to the office of a social worker who asked him how the little toddler got the injury. After explaining again, dad was told by the social worker “That is not how this injury happened!” Surprised, he stated, “Are you saying I am lying?” The social worker replied “Yes, you cut your daughter’s face!”

A hot wave of fear, anger and frustration overcame the young sailor who could not believe what he was hearing. He repeated his story again and the social worker again said he was lying. She took temporary custody of his daughter and left him alone in a room, shocked.

Fortunately, the daughter was returned after a few hours and the couple continued on to Japan shortly afterwards. They were lucky. A conviction of child abuse could have resulted in the end of a promising naval career, loss of a top secret clearance and a beautiful little girl, sold into slavery.

To those unfamiliar with social services, this may sound impossible; sounds like a fluke. If only the latter was true. One only has to visit the website (1) or YouTube Channel (2) of Lawless America to see the corruption of Child Protective Services, Social Services, hospitals and the judicial system.

Lawless America: The Movie will be released in the summer of 2013 (3) and be in major movie theaters. The movie documents widespread corruption within national and local governments. Nearly one thousand people in all 50 states have been interviewed. They are from all income levels, races, backgrounds. ALL American families are at risk. There are a host of Facebook groups and blogs that document corruption among government officials. Some of them can be seen at a centralized blog, Citizens Demanding Justice (4).

The battle, that most do not even realize that they are involved in, is well underway and American families and the families of future generations are in jeopardy.

So how did this get so bad? In the early 70’s Walter Mondale proposed legislation to curb child abuse. Richard Nixon signed the bill into law. Unfortunately, the version that was signed into law provided bonuses to social workers based on how many children were removed from families. Social workers could also be held liable if they made contact with a family that later had abuse reported. So, social workers began to report even the most innocuous actions. Eventually, court officials, attorneys, evaluators and judges realized the huge money making potential involved with taking kids away and selling them to wealthy couples who could not have children. In addition, the foster care system became very profitable with social security funding going to foster care givers and others involved in the process. Bonuses were and are being paid based on the number of children taken away. Sadly, family members were not being given an opportunity to take the kids. This would interrupt the ability of social workers and attorneys to tap into the social security funding (18). Foreign governments, dependent on American aid have been arm twisted into adopting American like drug policies and CPS policies. This problem is international (4).

Foster care parents can make thousands per month per child, especially if they require special attention. Sadly, the evaluators who are making such recommendations in several cases are not credentialed. This is what the California Coalition for Families and Children has discovered as baby selling rings in San Diego and Orange County have been uncovered (7). Conveniently, these foster care children can be dumped on the street when they turn 18. This feeds the vicious cycle where many become pseudo adults, unprepared for life. They turn to drugs as a means to cope and make a living. Arrests and jail time follow. Felony convictions mean they cannot get a job and they become career criminals. They prey on the public and become part of a permanent underclass, keeping law enforcement and attorneys employed while city and county coffers are emptied. The children of these unfortunate people often end up in the CPS system and thus, the cycle perpetuates itself.

Children are being taken away from parents for fabricated charges (5), false positive drug tests (6), falsified CPS reports and corrupt officials running baby selling rings (7) (8). The children are being given to complete strangers. Whether the parents are guilty or not, grandparents, uncles, brothers and other responsible relatives are NOT being given a chance to take custody of the children. This means that family lineages are being destroyed viciously.

In many cases, the foster and or adoptive parents are pedophiles or wealthy families that want to obtain a child, by any means (9).

Lynn states that her son suffered a bump on the head. She took him into the hospital for help and she was accused of beating him. CPS took him AND her older daughter and she may never see them again. She left California and had another child in New York. Pregnant again, she came back to California where she delivered a fourth child. Hospital staff reported she was positive in a drug test. They took her newborn and had her bring in the child born in New York. In all her cases, the children said she had never abused them. Even though drug tests administered in hospitals can yield false positives in 47% of tests (6), Lynn’s third and fourth child were taken and given (sold) to wealthy families who wanted to adopt children. She has never seen them again (9). Statistics have revealed that women of color are 9 times more likely to be tested for drugs in the hospital during a delivery. They also reveal that the propensity of false positives is great (6) and that hospital staff members are allowed to be retested if found to be drug positive while patients are not.

Rarely if ever does one hear the term honest lawyer or, honest politician. Sadly, these individuals have the power to develop laws that affect our families in a profound way. How many realize that SBX 2-11 was passed in 2009? This law gives California judges immunity from criminal prosecution and it is postdated back 20 years (10) (11). For what reason do judges need to be held ABOVE the law that THEY are tasked to uphold?  To be fair, there are many honest lawyers. They are fighting for citizens in subtle ways. Many are afraid of the legal system themselves. The state bar is a tool used against attorneys who do not maintain the status quo (12) (17).

There are MANY judges who are heroes. Judge Deann Salcido is one of those. She has revealed corruption in family court (13). The Honorable Mary E. Bullock, a retired Civil Rights Judge from the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that your chances of getting justice in today’s court system are slim to none (14). Even Judge Judy has spoken out about CPS (15).

The reality is that far too many in the legal profession are NOT doing their jobs correctly. The legal system has become a money maker where children are being taken away from decent people and sold. Drug laws are being used as an excuse to destroy people and NEVER allow them to become whole again, no matter what they do.

During a radio show, a young Pennsylvania woman revealed that she had done everything on the CPS list that she was supposed to do to get her­­­­­­­ kids back. She was ordered to get STERILIZED. She complied with the order and her newborn was STILL given to an abusive family that burned the baby over 70% of her body (16).

The religious community seems to be lackluster at best in tackling this issue. While MANY champion taking away women’s rights to choose, few seem to be championing loving actions that promote healthy development children after they are born. We see very few heroes like Pastor Wiley of Orange County. He has been a leader in reporting CPS abuses and helping men and women who are victims of the judicial system (19).

Sharon was very secure. Her real estate investments had her family in the million dollar net worth category. She was comfortable and with her husband, they planned to retire and enjoy success. After a leak was discovered in her home, she sued an installation company for faulty work. They had violated environmental standards and put her family at risk. She discovered other families in similar situations and began to help them. The court ordered her to stop talking about her case and when she refused, she was jailed for five days. Today she is having trouble paying her mortgage and is constantly being threatened with jail for revealing corruption within the judicial system. That’s right. Citizens can be ordered NOT to talk about how they have been wronged by the courts and then put in jail if their postings are found on Facebook or blogs (20).

At one time, fire departments would not come to put out fires at homes if a fee had not been paid. The fire “companies” were private and often they would fight each other for the business while homes burned down. In red state Tennessee, such companies still exist today. They will hose down a neighbor’s home to keep them from burning down if YOUR house catches on fire, if you have not paid your fee….while YOUR home burns to the ground. Imagine getting raped or robbed and police checking to see if you paid your fees before helping you. That is the barbaric state of our legal system today. If you cannot pay, you cannot get help and even if you do pay, you still may not get justice. Attorneys are making $225 per hour and up to administer justice. Justice should not be dependent on money. It is barbaric for people to profit on the legal woes of others. A justice system based on profit cannot be sustained in a higher level society.

This system continues to exist because people think that it cannot happen to THEM. Sadly, this can and your chances of ending up in court far outweigh your chances of ending up in the hospital. Your chances of getting justice are not as you may think. This is not Perry Mason.

In America, a citizen is arrested every 38 seconds for drug charges. The prison population is increasing by 10,000 people per month. Americans live in a police state where warehousing people in jail is big business. Rehabilitation is something that happens on television. It is time for a more loving approach to people in American society. The Drug Policy Alliance , Law Enforcement Against Prohibition  and PEW Report websites are excellent sources of information on this topic. 

In February 2013, thousands of people are planning a mass demonstration in Washington D.C. to protest the injustice system. Lawless America (1) is planning this gathering. Representatives from all 50 states are gathering to present videos and petitions to their congressmen and women. This is fight that involves all Americans. The American people can no longer allow their children to be used as cash commodities. Your support is needed. No one knows this better than the author of this story. You see, he is the sailor mentioned at the beginning of this article.

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