Monday, December 3, 2012

Sharon Kramer: Wronged by the Courts, Jailed for Talking about it

What if you were wronged by the justice system. Could you talk to anyone about it? Many people are
finding out that the courts can violate your rights ...then jail you if you tell anyone about it. This is a classic example of how the courts can commit wrongs against the American people, threaten them to keep quiet about it...then jail us if we speak out. Please share this story widely and join Lawless America in our effort to expose judicial corruption.

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  1. im going through a nightmare right now!! cps,in spite of child telling them that 9 yo touched her jine jine,(cops daughter) they say im lying and coaching and want to prosecute me and never see child again.. i raised her since and infant! and theres alot more evil to my story..i got to make video too..i tried to protect my grandaughter, and im punished unmercifully because of it??