Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The ultimate consequence--Protecting Children from Domestic Violence

Since it is Domestic Violence Month, an I consider myself to be a Victim/Survivor/and Victim again.  I would like to share my story with you all.  I am STILL A VICTIM because the GOVERNMENT has allowed it! I am striving to SURVIVE.... Can you help me?

Its sort of easy and hard to swallow at the same time.  It is easy to understand that what I was doing was the right thing to protect my children... Especially from EMINENT DANGER of my then 7 year old!

But because of a legal technicality call "Rules of Evidence" some information that the JURY should have heard was banned from the court.

I can not (for legal reasons) go into all that, but I can tell you/show you that I have a petition on from way back in May that explains what was going on!  I await sentencing which is January/February 2013 and of course wait for an appeal.

Then you can read between the lines as to what ALL was left out.

Fleeing From Domestic Violence is a LEGAL DEFENSE to taking your children, but if pieces of the puzzle are missing then of course no one can really understand that.

This next link is what happens after 30 months almost to the date as to when I turned myself in... This is also the same amount of time I have not seen my now 7 year old daughter who turned 7 on the 1st day of my trial!... This is how long I have not seen and talked to her at the hands of the abuser who had previously kidnapped her for 3 months--with no court repercussions!

What will you do to protect your children?... Why do Domestic Violence advocates? agencies? etc... Tell you to have a SAFETY PLAN?  What will happen to you if you use it? ... These are questions and end result that you must seriously consider? Did I (Jacqueline) do the right thing? Was it worth the 30+ months without my children in my life? Is is better to stay in the Cycle of Violence if you knew you could spend 30 more months in prison? That's 5 years without my children?... Who will really ever help the VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE young and old? How can we demand JUSTICE from those that are supposed to protect us?

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