Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Victory Against Family Court - Nevada


  1. House we have been under the rule of the JUDO/Christian faith for over 2000 years and in this world we have pedophiles and child rapist and priest who rape children, and call us pagans sadist ! this is your church creation, it was the so called Holy Roman Empire who set this up and their priest who control your Governments and you call us pagans and Heather Monsters - it is your government that is stealing our children and telling us Our religion is wrong< so much for freedom of religion> this is the rule of your Jesus , for in his name you have murdered and killed women and children, Native and foreign immigrates , did not any of you get the movie eyes wide shut? wake up you sheeple its you who heading to the slaughter - I care not where your faith lays , but it your religion that has destroyed the world!

  2. I agree with you EyrnHart. I hope you are not thinking that I am a Christian and that these remarks are not directed to ME...?