Friday, September 30, 2016

What We Can Do

What can we do? First, form citizens oversight committees to oversee police, courts and other government officials. Get involved.

Realize that we are in inverted totalitarianism and the levers of power have been seized by the ruling class and we only are lead to believe that we have true democracy. Manufactured consent results in comments like “We must support our police", when we live in a police state…yes…a police state (why do you think we have police getting military equipment….tanks, machine guns….this is for the coming of the failure of capitalism). Remember: Police and Blackwater troops have already been used against American citizens in New Orleans. They turned their guns against poor blacks trying to escape the flood waters of hurricane Katrina and shot some of them dead.

Robots are taking the jobs and they are not coming back. The idea of exchanging money for labor is obsolete. The wealthy see this coming and they are ensuring that we have a strong military and police force to defend them. There is an acute shortage of natural resources, including water…the war in Syria is a resource war over water.

Examine white privilege and the damage it does to us all …along with income inequality.

Black slaves and their families never got the 40 acres and a mule that were promised to them. Blacks have never been able to participate in the capitalistic system. Reparations could include a permanent tax free status for blacks to make up for 500 years of slavery, Jim Crow, inequality, dishonored treaties, destroyed legacies, loss of interest and property…….. and injustice.

A formal apology for slavery and Jim Crow should be issued. Slaves should be honored for their uncompensated labor that made this country great.

Evaluate: communities of color and poor communities have been chained by the justice system and prisons …and…these chains are being readied for the rest of us.

The ruling class does not want to see us at peace or to see our families happy or healthy.

They want to reduce the population. Why do you think they prosecute wars and fight so hard to prevent universal healthcare. 66% of our budget goes to war…not to schools, not to hospitals, healthcare, housing..the weak and vulnerable….in fact, only 1% goes to anti-poverty programs and they keep wanting to cut that to reduce the deficit.

Stop the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Invest into new schools instead of new prisons.

Eliminate student loans and make education free for all (we can afford it) the bloated defense budget is proof of that. European nations, Asian nations…do not have to have large military forces. OUR TROOPS are protecting them, so, they have four day work weeks and massive paid vacations.

Reevaluate this primitive tradition of locking up criminals. Let’s rehab them…as they do in Europe.

Let’s treat our elderly with dignity. Build Disney like facilities that have buildings, food, music…like the old times and allow them to live out their lives in dignity (this is done in Europe…down to having old cars). THIS instead of horrible nursing homes.

Eliminate items  and institutions that honor the Confederacy…as Germans have done with the Nazi’s and Hitler. No more Robert E. Lee High and black cheerleaders wearing “The Rebels” on their uniforms. No more Edmund Pettis Bridge. No more Confederate flags. Black people should not be forced to honor the Confederate criminals no more than Jews should be forced to honor Hitler and the Nazis or Americans to honor Osama Bin Laden, The Taliban.

The black community has always been a canary in the coal mine. What happens to them eventually happens to all. The police that kill black men now, will kill others, later.

Just as conservatives and neo liberals engineered the drug wars to destroy the civil rights movement and communities of color in the 1960’s, now, white males are dying at higher numbers than anyone else in the addiction war.

Most of us, have been taught what to think, not how to think. The lame stream media creates this false picture of police and military forces with all the police shows, movies and embedded news anchors. 

We have to tell our own stories, to know the truth.

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