Thursday, September 8, 2016

Seeking Brave Subjects of Custody Evaluation Fraud Connecticut



On 4/22/16 Judge Erica Tindill reversed a Protective Order that she granted weeks before. The temporary custody returned two children who escaped from the hands   of the accused abuser, back into the total control of the person whose acts described were so compelling that temporary custody was granted and a criminal police investigation was begun.

On 4/22/16, the afternoon before a Jewish holiday, Tindill ordered the children back into the hands of the hell escaped. The order allowed no time to file a motion to stay pending appeal......... no time to prepare, only time for collapse into utter emotional devastation for all involved.

This  Order written by Judge Erica Tindill  was predicated on the testimony of Eric Frazer, Psy.D./”Yale”,who practices in  Westport,  CT. . Despite the fact that Eric Frazer /”Yale”, had not seen or spoken with the subjects of Judge Erica Tindill's Protective Order in five years, that he never met or spoke with other critical family members, party to this current action, Eric Frazer /Yale was allowed to opine at length as to their mental status, character and fitness. Frazer/ Yale placed on a public, court record, a scathing indictment of people he never met, with whom he never spoke. As to those with whom he did meet, his interaction was so brief, so superficial, so laced with bias, malice, intent to suppress evidence and intimidate witnesses to depraved crimes, that the psychological report he produced and submitted should have been given absolutely no weight if properly cross examined by a competent professional. The report was never cross examined in court at all.

Frazer was further, allowed to attest to the mental status, fitness of the accused abuser in the most glowing terms. Frazer supported the accused abuser's fitness and character as evidenced by his position as a Camp Director at the prestigious Wood Way Country Club,  where he lectures to camp staff on the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Frazer neglected to point out that camps, schools, youth groups are hunting fields for predators cloaked as pillars of the community, reputations supported by other predators and prevaricators.

It is important to note that Eric Frazer's original work project was never vetted by
opposing expert witness testimony. If such opposition had been allowed to come to light, the fact that the child subjects of the “evaluation” had been seen for a brief period of time and that no battery of psychological testing, as part of a proper protocol of evaluation was ever performed. Eric Frazer's highly subjective, transactional commentary was allowed to stand as a recommendation to transfer custody from a Protective mother into the hands of an accused abuser. The Protective Parent was assaulted with accusations of such malignant, toxic pathology, despite no scientific, factual basis, that the chilling impact of such pronouncements from Frazer caused the court to rise to a crescendo of resolution tantamount to “off with her head” -  custody, decision making in all areas are transferred...... to the hands of the  accused abuser.

A thorough reading of the case history, court proceedings suggest that transfer, conscription of all decision making in the area of medical, educational, psychological, family contact, speech, have been made in the service of covering criminal acts on behalf of the accused abuser.

The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is requesting that anyone whom has had similar, direct experience with Eric Frazer, Psy.d./Yale, to please contact the FCVFC at their confidential phone number through the US Whistle Blower, 888 – 789 – 3116, or contact us by e mail at:

Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman

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