Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Had Better Pay Attention to the Lakota Black Snake

Hundreds of years ago, Native American philosophers predicted that pale faced invaders would come from the east and cause destruction to their lands. We all know that their predictions came true.

Now, wise men and women of the Lakota tribe cite their history of predicting "When the Black Snake crosses our land, our world will end." The 1500 mile long Dakota Pipeline is that black snake. The oil pipeline threatens to pollute the Missouri River and it's tributaries. 

The Lakota are considering themselves PROTECTORS OF THE LAND not protesters. 

These are the same people who were given a reservation in the Black Hills only to have the U.S. government dishonor the treaty in light of a fake gold rush that led to the killing of General George Custer and his troops at the battle of Little Big Horn. 

These people continue to be disrespected, having their ancient burial grounds disrespected and treaties disavowed. 

Now, they predict the end of our planet as we know it if this pipeline is completed.

Do not ignore this. It is important.

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