Friday, August 12, 2016

A Parent’s Nightmare-International Court Ordered Abduction: Bring Jasmijn Home

Progress in the World-Radio Show

Walter Davis, Producer – Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman, Exec. Dir., The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court (FCVFC), Co Host

Meet Our Guest – Geerte Frenken – Protective Mother of Jasmijn

                                     Bring Jasmijn Home

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A Parent’s Nightmare-International Court Ordered Abduction: Bring Jasmijn Home

Protective parents all over the world have experienced Court Ordered Abduction of children they were seeking to protect from an obsessed abuser. Our guest did not expect to become alienated from the country she called their home, the US. 

The detailed, completely documented experience of one woman's struggle to protect her child is exceptional because she lost her child through the court ordered abduction of courts in the US and the Netherlands.  

The saga of this protective parent's journey covers two continents, multiple government agencies, exhaustive evidence and actions subjecting the child and protective parent to an ultimate, unconscionable betrayal at the hands of judges and attorneys.

Join us for our story of: Protective Mother Geerte Frenken and her daughter Jasmijn Frenken Hunter – Their Personal Journey – The Accused Abuser
                                         Jasmijn is now 12 years old

Geerte Frenken

Psychiatric Documentation – The Child's Statements and Experience

The Hague Court & Chapter 13 – Protection of Children (Except)

A Swat Team Returns Jasmijn to the US – pictures

Geerte Frenke Mobilizes to fight for the safe return of Jasmijn

The American Court in Marin County, California – Judge Adams, Judge Wood & the Lawyers.............

Current Status

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