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Progress In the World Radio Show: Stop Child Abuse Now Featuring Bill Murray

                                  CITIZENS DEMANDING JUSTICE

Progress in the World Radio Show: Stop Child Abuse Now Featuring Bill Murray
10 AM – 12 PM Pacific Sunday 24 July 2016
Call in number 310-861-2349

Walter Davis – Executive Producer – Jill Jones-Soderman – Co Host –
Bill Murray – Guest

Bill Murray is the Founder and Director of NAASCA  and the force behind the multiple programs to


We will discuss: Institutional Abuse – Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
Issues Related to the Failure of Authorities to Take Action to Protect Children
Police, Dept. of  Children and Families, Schools – What Is Prosecutorial Discretion?

What Are The Factors Of Reporting That Cause Authorities To Take Notice?

Who Reports – Who Is Credible?
Evidence Collection – Chain of Evidence Protection
Contamination of Evidence – Verbal/Physical
Disregarded Topics and Subjects of Abuse – Parent Reporting against Parent/Custody Litigation

The subject of reporting child sexual abuse and the chances of the child being taken seriously continues to be an area that is unpredictable as to the assurance that the accusation will be accepted for investigation, or that the accusation will be correctly evaluated.

The subjective elements of who is believed, who is not believed, both children and adults, continues to be a puzzling area of inquiry as we know from many sources that many victims who needed to protected as children were never protected because they were not believed when they reported abuse.

The First Report of Abuse is Critical

We will discuss:

Parental Reporting

Mandated Reporter Reporting

Reports to Police – or DCF 

Child Advocacy Centers

The Need To Study All Aspects of The Reporting Of Child Sexual Abuse

Retrospective studies of the reporting of child sexual abuse, from the viewpoint of adult victims of abuse are desperately needed to address the failures of current reporting systems that fail to protect victims, or fail to protect those who are falsely accused of victimization.

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