Thursday, July 14, 2016

10 Most Important Points of Law You Need to Know to Protect Your Rights

Progress in the World Radio Show
Sunday 17 July 2016
10 AM to 12 PM Pacific
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10 Most Important Points of Law You Need to Know to Protect Your Rights

With Walter Davis and Dr. Jill Jones Soderman

We are extraordinarily delighted to introduce our guest attorney Joanne Denison. She is famous for not only writing the “Most Notorious Blog in Ilinois,”, but also for being the Founder and Director of the NFP  Justice 4 Everyone (

Joanne's fame is due to:

1 – Telling the TRUTH -writing about subjects so compelling that the Ill. Supreme Court felt justified in suspending her law license for three years for writing a Blog......

2 – Representing clients who desperately need representation/case assistance having been financially and emotionally decimated by a corrupt legal system which dispenses justice based on favor and funds.

The Missions/Causes/Interests of the clients of the FCVFC  - Protective Parents and Children - are expressed through our Radio Shows, Progress In The World, Citizens Demanding Justice Blog and On Line Press, the US Whistle Blower. 

We speak to Disenfranchised litigants, and those whom are about to become disenfranchised  (bankrupt) if they do not become aware of and fight for the inherent rights implicit in our Constitution and system of law.

Joanne Denison writes, speaks TRUTH TO POWER through multiple speaking forums, writing, document review, direct work with clients.

On a series of shows we will explore Probate Court/Family Court including areas of law where:

Jurisdiction May Be Subject to Dispute
Procedure May Be Disregarded
Due Process Disappears
Constitutional Amendments Are Violated

Probate Law and Family Law Share the Same Permeable Barrier – Who Has the Right To Make Decisions  - About your Property (Children/Possessions/Money):

You Define an Estate –
Authority and  Inheritance

You Then Become Ill or Disabled

What Happens to Rights To Make Decisions/Control Property

Elder Abuse


Guardian Abuse

The Vulnerability of Citizens to Lose Control of  Every Aspect of Their Life is Seriously Close !

Dr. Jill Jones Soderman, Founder, Child Forensic Advocacy and the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court can be reached at 866-553-6931.

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