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[FWD: CONFORMED-USCA-DC-Circuit-Petition-for-Writ-of-Mandamus-for-Relief-12-PENDING-OP-with-Application-for-fee-relief]]

PLEASE FORWARD to your / our respective Congressmen by January 4, 2013


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Date: Wed, January 02, 2013 5:32 pm

 PLEASE FORWARD to your / our respective Congressmen by January 6, 2013

Long Bus ride on Monday (12-31-12) clerk was about to close and filed in depository along with application for fee relief. This venture has cost $950 since 12-23-2012. What I like about DC can be summarized in Russian - SOBAKA na SIENE! The CONFORMED update includes stamped pages and updated affidavit with corrections as given to the USCA Panel.


    That since 2008 much has transpired as a result of the cowardice and or
corruption of judges and government officials, and all who refuse to enforce the
minimum standard of law under the United States Constitution Article 2
Section 1 Clause 5 mandate that every person seeking the office of POTUS shall
be a "natural-born Citizen". Why this is so? I believe it best explained above, as
a well planned unfolding of a more than thirty year UIFA effort to transform
individual ownership of real property under local State sub-division jurisdiction
into instruments for conversion at a distance without judicial due process and
equal protection, and with the intent that the fractional banking system would
be strengthened by adding real property into the mix beyond the projected
lifetime earnings of a Public U.S. Citizen who remains subservient with the
surety to the State trustee of the Usufruct construct owner by the 1868 ratified
14th Amendment to conform to the authority of the United States of America
forward; and as with Petitioner, any Public US Citizen may reclaim his/her
Private US Citizen freedom and liberty guarantee status- known before the
first World War in teaching trust law. This Court has an opportunity herein.
    As for a New Election for US Senator from New York, even Justice
Schmidt in his order of November 19, 2012 shown as Exhibit D-5 found such
issue of first impression tantalizing, but cloaked himself with the exigencies of
Justice Schack.
    As for my request for a Stay of the State action with the Motion shown as
Exhibit E by Mr. Farkas representing the AFL-CIO / New York Electoral client
Union Boss elector as a fiduciary with close dealings with the Federal
Government, Usurper and Enterprise, consider He and others named
incompatible under A2S1C2 that warrants equity review for relief in Federal
jurisdiction as even the Justices consider a Federal matter and whether they
are right or wrong is irrelevant a stay and hearing on the merits is reasonable.
    As for the matter of New York State elector incompatibility after the vote
by December 17, 2012 is finished, begs the fact that Mr. Jeffries and Ms. Meng
are to appear on January 3, 2013 and review their own vote under the 12th,
20th and 25th Amendment process for office of POTUS on or after January 7,
2013 is a matter that properly belongs before this panel. for relief , time is of
the essence with imminent irreparable harm and no other forum to seek relief
    Affiant respectfully wishes that there be an original proceeding trial
herein with expert testimony as outlined in Exhibit D, that the State action be
subject to a stay, that the Congress be ordered to show cause why the Usurper
should be sworn in on January 20, 2013 that the $43 Trillion dollar obligation
should not be deemed a nullity, and further and different relief as the Panel
deems necessary for justice herein including Petitioner's right to sur-reply.

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