Sunday, March 17, 2013

American Moms for Justice: Family Court Reform by Zan Lene

American Moms for Justice: Family Court Reform

Far too many victims of Domestic Violence are being re-victimized in our Family Court systems. It is the all too common practice of doubt that Judges are taught, specifically taught in Judge School, automatic doubt that women (who are the majority of the victims) and innocent children. This is the common practice where non-offending parents are left without protection for their children or for themselves from an abuser. Children all over this country are absolutely falling victim outside of their homes inside of our Family Courts. 

In many Domestic Violence cases with founded evidence of child molestation, this too is also the judicial practice leaving victims with the denial of justice. Upon researching case after case, the findings are that the abusers are not only awarded custody, in far too many cases the non-offending mother loses her children to the worst kind of abuser there is. As an Advocate for American Mothers for Justice, I have discovered what is also happening in cases involving sexual abuse. Prior to a discovery process, I had absolutely no knowledge of cases such as these existing at such an alarming rate. However, many children unfortunately have faced the most unimaginable horror of being forced to survive sexual abuse and sodomy without any protection from their abusers. These are in fact the worst outcome cases in our highly corrupt Family Court systems today. The mothers are living the nightmare also left to fight the Goliath courts to not only seek justice, but to also protect their innocent children.

In far too many cases, it is the abusers who seek custody in retaliation to punish the victims of their abuse. 

Child Protective Services has proven to be one of the most corrupt and fraudulent institutions in the United States. The statistics of foster care deaths and abuse are staggering injustices. Many victims of this Government corruption are that of non-offending parents and children across the Nation at a rapid rate. Children are literally being used as currency and that is not American or Constitutional. There is No Due Process of the law for parents under investigations with non-founded evidence , for this is especially true for the cases where Child Protection Services are being used as a tool for malicious intent, which in reality, the children are placed in potentially dangerous high risk care; whether it be being placed within the care of their abuser, or in the hands of Foster Care. 

Foster Care Statistics are as follows:

54 % earn a high school diploma
2 % earn a Bachelor’s degree or higher
84 % become parents too soon, exposing their children to repeated cycles of neglect and abuse
51 % are unemployed
30 % have no health insurance
25 % experience homelessness
30 % receive public assistance
100 % of children placed in Foster Care are at a high risk of developing Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as other Developmental and Neuro-development issues, and are at potential dangerous risks for suicide. Children placed in Foster Care are 4-11 % at a higher risk for neglect, abuse, molestation, and death. 

The statistics are alarming!

The Title I-V Grants is not “in the best interest “ of our American Children and is not being used for the Restoration of American Families, which instead, children in this country are being legally kidnapped and sold by their own government. Child Abuse is a crime and should be handled by the police so that there is Due Process of the law and just punishment is actually served to actual abusers, by an Open Court with a Jury present where facts presented are actual founded evidence of abuse. 

The proper resources are not being provided, nor is Kincare placement being the option. Instead children are being forced to take dangerous Psychotropic drugs to “adjust” to being placed in Foster Care, when a familiar Kincare environment that is denied to them. Instead the children are ripped from their families, so many never to see them again. Their heritage and roots are being eradicated and left in utter ruins. 

American Children are not for sale!

Please help to Reform our Family Courts and Government Institutions who use the secrecy of closed and gagged court systems in this country in such a corrupt manner that is not just or Constitutional. These American Families have no Constitutional Rights or voices to speak, so that is why I speak to you for them. Reform is the most dire need for the children and families in this country today. We must Restore American Families and preserve the lives and futures of our children.

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