Saturday, January 28, 2017

Stan Mason: Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence

Stan Mason makes videos. He speaks at public events. He runs a YouTube channel and a Facebook page. He highlights how people of color are victimized by brutal police who because of short comings, ignore public safety and their oaths to persecute people of color and the poor.

These police officers have the courage to speak out against injustice and the blue wall of silence. They risk their lives, their careers, their families. On one side, they have dangerous criminals created by a manufactured reality of unjust law enforcement. On the other, they have colleagues who could "accidentally" shoot them, fail to render assistance, file false reports, a virtual array of methods to destroy them, for having the temerity to BREAK THE BLUE WALL OF SILENCE.

Police officers cover for one another, that is what we have all known. Now, we have the proof with the statements of these brave officers.

Visit his YouTube Channel here:

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