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Charles Stecker: A Case of Child Abuse and Survival


a case of child abuse & survival

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Charles displayed his first acts of courage and heroism at the tender age of 4 years old by attempting to rescue his 2 year old brother.
While being brutally beaten himself-resulting in a permanently disfigured arm-he did all he could to save his brother, tragically it wasn't enough. The woman who murdered his brother and critically injured Charles had another child die in her care just 10 months prior, she never went to trial for either death or her assault on Charles. He has made it his life long personal quest to seek justice for not only his brother but all abused and murdered children. Click on the link below and read a compelling front cover news story that took the reporter six pages to encapsulate. You will learn of his lifelong journey for answers and you will be astounded at the "yet to be determined" outcome. read more here >>

This site was created as a tribute to Li'l Eddie read more>>

All through his early childhood and then through his teen years, Charles was abused in every way possible. He constantly lost family, friends and belongings. He was consistently moved from home to home leaving him feeling unwanted and unloved. He was never able to get a solid education or establish himself in a community. He was failed by his birth parents, the child welfare system, the justice system and by society as a whole. As a young man he joined the U. S. Coast Guard which aided in developing his character and leadership skills. He was honorably discharged after serving his term and is a proud veteran. Some of the issues from his childhood followed him into adulthood. Broken relationships and shallow friendships were the norm. As a result of an unwanted divorce for which he accepts his responsibility, he is estranged from his daughter and diligently attempts to bridge that gap. He's lost two other children, one to abortion and the other to adoption. Financial blunders from failed business attempts and a hopscotch type employment record are now part of his history.

With a take charge attitude Charles was able to turn his life around, overcoming his past and bringing victory not only into his life but to the lives of others as well. He has conquered addictions and low self worth. He credits the success to his mountain moving faith in God and his own willingness to do the necessary work. His absolute refusal to allow the negativity of the past keep him from a positive future is what sets him apart from others. He enjoys inspiring the youth of today, encouraging them to become the leaders of tomorrow. He brings a message of faith, hope and love to all asking for no sympathy. What he does ask though is that you be open to learning something from his experiences. His desire is to empower each individual he interacts with. His fervent hope is that a positive change will happen in your life, family and community through YOU.

When it comes to assisting anyone that may have experienced abuse he exemplifies the definition of a true servant. He has been a speaker at many seminars and rallies locally, nationally and internationally. He will tell you with a smile on his face that he has spoken from outside the White House to inside the out house and he truly has. Charles is a dynamic speaker who serves others through his thought provoking true life personal stories. His never ending fight to bring abusers to justice along with integrating rehabilitation in that process has gained him global recognition. His diverse cross cultural and multidisciplinary expertise is sought after. He has been featured on many radio talk shows, television shows, and in newspaper articles. In 2012 he was recognized as a "Difference Maker" in Philadelphia PA. for his child and community advocacy efforts. Read about it:

Charles practices Soul Centered Leadership as the Founder and Director of the International Child Abuse Prevention Task Force Inc. Where he combats crimes committed against children around the world, along the way reuniting families whenever possible. Through Chahlie's Angels, Llc, ( Yes Chahlie with 2 h's) he is an Empowering Speaker and Authority on Overcoming Adversity. He established this company as a living memorial to his brother. He has encouraged numerous people from all walks of life to heal from the traumatic effects of childhood abuse through his solution based approach.

Charles is a Hero to Multitudes, a Children's Rights Warrior, and a Parental Responsibility Advocate. In addition he is a Community Leader, Activist and Volunteer. This is a partial list of the organizations he now is a member of: The Child Welfare League of America, The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Protecting Canadian Children, Children Without A Voice, , Community Partners 4 Kids, Stand Up For Kids and Shriner's International.

Charles' shares this Pearl of Wisdom: "The majority of choices in your childhood were chosen for you. All of your adulthood choices are chosen by you. Take personal responsibility for your choices and choose wisely"

Submitted by Charles J. Stecker Jr.

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