Friday, July 24, 2015

Former Black Marine War Hero Called a Boy and Punished for Reporting It: Racism in Poway, CA

Chris Garnier is a black man married to a white woman, Kim Garnier. Chris, a former Marine helo pilot with confirmed kills in Iraq and Afghanistan is a war hero and former Poway teacher. After experiencing patterns of racial discrimiation he reported his observations along with his wife Kim. Chris was interpreted as a threat, Kim, a nuisance. Despite their observations of a noose, the liberal use of the N-word, threats and being called a boy, the Poway school board decided to punish the Garnier family by placing a restraining on Chris and dismissing the blatant incidents as just "misunderstandings". This position was supported by the judicial system in San Diego. Chris witnessed discrimination against children in the Poway school system. He was disrespected by the board leadership. He cannot attend functions at the school with his kids. He is barred for three years from participating in their activities at their school due to a restraining order placed on him in retaliation for reporting racial discrimination. He won an election within the school system only to have the results recalled and another vote put into place, where he lost his office....with no transparency. Parents, students and teachers alike have come forward in support of Chris and Kim. Many, afraid of reprisals, quietly voice their support behind the scene. Listen to this horrible story of injustice and help this family by distributing this story wide and far. We need justice in the Poway School system and people power to assuage a great injustice.

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