Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash

It amazes me how these child protective services workers are so quick to rip children away from their natural parents.  They care more about their jobs than they do about the psychological well-being of the child. Attachment and a sense of belonging is vital to the well being of a child and when a child is adopted out unnecessarily or estranged from family members so quickly and readily then they fail to realize the damage that is done to this child. The child will always seek out its natural parents whether they are aware of it or not. 

My stance is that we abolish Child Protective Services and allow parents to make decisions for their children whether it's bad or good. Cut out the middleman because these big bureaucracies have become nothing but a "kids for cash" operation. There is copious data that points to the inefficiencies of this cash cow and the accounts of many families worldwide that have been devastated. 

If you watch the Kids for Cash movie you will get a glimpse of what is happening to children and families worldwide. 


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