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Josef Fisher

My fellow citizens:
Should you still have any, this fractional Report of Public Officers' Crimes will completely wipe out your remaining pride in being a Canadian. Kindly examine some copies of this case's official documents to discover the true character, morals, goals and values of your servants and representatives. Overlook their roles in the cover up of grossly illegal acts, all committed on the basis of horrible lies, intentionally fabricated despite detailed official documents going back 2,5 years, undeniably proving that the exact opposite was true.
On December 1997, instead of ensuring immediate hospitalization and 24h/day Suicide Watch, the Ministry for Children and Families committed Criminal Negligence against my then newly immigrated 12-year-old child. In January 1998, the Vancouver Police Department became Party to the Ministry's offences, with constant refusals to investigate reported crimes. May someone finally discover the civic duty or courage to condemn illegal activities of the most immoral liars and most dangerous fraudsters among you, instead of inanely funding and remunerating such "services" with your tax money.
My name is Josef Fisher. I am a 58-year-old naturalized Canadian living in Vancouver. Two years before the regime collapsed, I fled from my communist homeland to live with my first-born son Joe in freedom and safety. He was born in Cuba on March 8, 1985. His Mom passed away 8 days after giving him birth. He lived with his Grandma until he was 12 years old. He emigrated after she too passed away.
We then worked for the Ministry of Children and Families, foster parents of 19 children, half of them natives, two weeks to 12 years old. With only three months of experience, we took home three siblings, taken from a bad environment, with booze, drugs and sex parties, where the children were often hungry, visibly neglected. Soon the two older ones began showing their genitals to people around them. And trying to touch, see and play with private parts of anyone around. The Intake worker downplayed our reports that our children were constant targets of such attention. She always said there's nothing to worry about, children do that out of curiosity. Shortly after they were taken, an assessment and therapy was booked. It consisted of three sessions with an expert, each two hours long. The second SW never saw them, and the third one took them back to their parents. We steadily averted their interest, until their habitual behavior and attempts to molest our children stopped, shortly before five months of our care ended too.
On December 30, 1997 we informed our Family Doctor and the Ministry for Children and Families that: 1. Joe sometime after Halloween and before Christmas 3-4 times indecently touched his half-sister, 2. all precautions to prevent very improbable repeat, 3. his sincere sorrow, enormous embarrassment, and 4. the possibility of his suicide. Every reasonable person knows that any other response than immediate hospitalization with a Suicide watch is criminal negligence.
Despite extensive documentation describing excellent results of more than 2,5 years long continuous care of children entrusted to us by the Ministry, social worker Miss Laycock accused us in her Intake Report that we "do not protect children from abuse", and that there is "sexual abuse/exploitation or likelihood by parent". Her second, Investigation Report from February 23, 1998 proves that she knowingly disobeyed the Child, Family and Community Service Act, S. 13. When protection is needed: "there is no evidence that the parents are sexually abusing any child in the home, nor there is evidence that the parents are not protecting the children." Miss Laycock explained that she disobeyed the Law "due to lack of more appropriate categories."
Miss Laycock and her collaborators, aiders and abettors deliberately disobeyed many laws, incl. constitutional and international. Offenders violated laws, rules, rights and freedoms under the false pretext of providing help and improving the quality of our lives, enforcing laws and administering justice. Public officials who committed, or cover up crimes that ruined our lives are doing the exact opposite of why they were elected or appointed, sworn and paid, some of them since December 30, 1997.
On the Eve of Joe's first New Year in Canada, so called "Helping Hands" invaded our home and treated us as dangerous perverts 24 hours/day. On January 5, Detective McCluskie of the Vancouver Police, Sexual Offences Squad, denied my presence at the interrogation of a very frightened child. From the Record of Investigation: "I found him to be sincere, polite and extremely remorseful. Joseph admitted to each and every incident. He cried through his entire interview and on several occasion commented on the pain he has caused his entire family. Fisher was now considering suicide as a remedy to the problems he had caused. It is obvious to me that Joseph's family suffered a lot since these incidents. I have spoken with the agent from the Ministry who agrees with me that Joseph is a very immature young boy with a lot of mature adult problems. It is my opinion that subjecting this boy through our Criminal Justice System at this point would only serve to cause more distress to not only Joseph but his entire family. This is a situation that warrants a remedy through counseling and therapy. To subject the accused and his family to anything else would only serve to degrade the situation more. I have consulted with the Ministry who agree and support my conclusion. The information regarding these assaults is now documented and on file if in the future it is learned that Joseph did not respond well to counseling or therapy. This is not a result that I anticipate. As a result I will be concluding this investigation with no charges. CLEARED BY OTHER MEANS DUE TO THE AGE AND UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE OFFENDER."
Child protectors then blackmailed us to surrender either Joe, or all children except Joe, into the state custody. We of course decided to leave Canada forever, and as soon as possible. We told Joe that he must sign a "Voluntary Care Agreement" with us and, until we find a competent public servant, stay with some strangers.
Social workers secured a lot of work to many experts eager to serve my whole family. Professionals trusted, sworn, appointed and paid to devotedly serve the public, always in the best interest of children. "Investigating Allegations of abuse and Neglect in Foster Homes: The investigation found no grounds to close your foster home, or to remove the foster children presently placed with you. However, some conditions have been placed on this decision: 1) That a third child will not be placed in your home for the next several months. 2) That both of you attend family counselling, either with VISACS (presently involved) or with any other agency. 3) That you will be involved and cooperate with the care plan for Joseph Jr. as determined by the social worker. Shanie Levin, your resource worker, will continue to provide you with support and consultation. Thank you for your cooperation throughout the process."
The therapist for Children and Families Ms. Sheehan worked hard to implant false memories into our daughter's mind. The Family and Children's Therapist, Mr. Alvarez, mentally tortured Joe in illegal state care for three months. He opened his sessions with "the torture is starting", called Joe "Tonto" and constantly threatened him with a lengthy prison sentence. Public servants allowed this torture to proceed for three months, despite us no longer giving consent to Mr. Alvarez's contact and repeated demands to replace that sadist with a qualified psychologist, and the cancelation of the VCA.
After repeated intimidations and threats that the police will violently drag away all our children unless we sign another VCA, my wife with our own children fled to the United States on Easter. After five months of suffering extreme psychological abuse, Joe decided, with our consent, to go back to his homeland. Public servants with impunity also violated this Constitutional Right.
Four days after the announcement that Joe was going back to his homeland, enraged public servants circulated Ms. Lebel's fax: "This new situation has come up that's very stressful for them. Mr. Fisher's ability to cope under stress is questionable. I know we have all been questioning his mental health. I think he is "a time bomb waiting to explode" and worry about how that is going to occur."
Despite further false accusations and perjuries that "the child's development is likely to be seriously impaired by a treatable condition and the child's parent refuses to provide or consent to treatment", "the child's parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child and has not made adequate provision for the child's care", our exemplary care of the children entrusted into our care by the Ministry continued until Mother's Day. Public servants chose that day to apprehend our last foster child from his preschool. After being part of our family for over two years, we were not even allowed to give him his clothes, toys and say good-bye.
McCluskie at the end of May disclosed the conspiracy to prosecute our child for Sexual Assault, contrary to the S. 150.1. (3) of the CC: No person aged 12 or 13 years shall be tried for an offence under S. 151. From January, until the end of the school-year, Joe was humiliated twice every school day in front of his classmates, when cabdrivers picked him up at school and delivered him to his unsafe Foster home.
On June 4, Miss Laycock falsely accused me that I kicked her ass on the bus. Police Officer Scorrar falsified the Report to Crown Counsel. My interrogation on June 17 ended with policemen promise that, if I end my complaining with apologies for my behavior to both Joe's SW, my family will be reunited. Instead of enjoying the promised vacations in his homeland, Joe was transferred into another foster home. On July 8, both officers of the Ministry and Police Officers drastically escalated Joe's mental torture, when, in his presence, conspired his prosecution. From the minutes:
"Description of service: To assist family with separation and loss. The child's views on the plan of care have been considered. The parent's views on the plan of care have not been considered. There was a brief discussion regarding the option available to the police in this case. The two options discussed were Diversion and recommending that the crown approve charges. Tom and Axel pointed out that it was not usual in cases of sexual assault involving force to use the diversion option. The police and Crown are reviewing the most appropriate way to proceed in this matter." There is only one constitutional, legal, human and moral way to treat perjury committed on Dec 31, 1997 and all resultant crimes: an immediate end of their cover-up and just prosecution of all perpetrators.
Tom & Alex's carriers are nice examples of benefits and profits from crimes against children: Tom is the Head of the Gang Task Force (121 police officers and 12 civilian staff assigned with a mandate to cover the entire province of British Columbia) & as a result of his meritorious service Director of the Police Academy at the Justice Institute of BC Axel was named a Member of the Order of Merit for the Police Forces, the highest award for Canadian police officers.
Ms. Berggren-Clive blackmailed us on the 230th day of cruel mental torture to sign a Supervision Order. Without signing, Joe would have begun High School and suffered in illegal state custody for the next six months. I signed the Court Order after publicly, in the Courthouse, declaring to kill anyone who would ever try to abduct my children again. Again compliant and popular McCluskie arrested me three weeks later, Without Warrant.
On December 4, 1998, Honorable Leader of the Official Opposition accurately described well-established Ministerial irresponsibility: "Thanks for your letter regarding the Ministry for Children and Families. We are very aware of the many issues surrounding the policies and services of this Ministry. We have often raised them in the Legislature and we are met with a Minister who does not respond or cannot respond or responds with only a limited amount of information."
Three Peace Officers on February 12, 1999, in the heat of the interrogation, disclosed their knowledge and practice purely essential for Police States' repressions: "BUT WE KNOW WHAT CRIMES WE CAN INVESTIGATE AND WHAT CRIMES WE CANNOT!"
Listen to the audio record (the upper right corner of my blog) from January 26, 2000, of the interrogation, resulting in my first incarceration in institutions for the mentally insane: "THESE CRIMES ARE NOT GOING TO BE INVESTIGATED!" I was thirty days later discharged from the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit, diagnosed "with narcissistic obsessive compulsive paranoid and antisocial traits." Honorable judge Weitzel included that audio record into Exhibits. On April 16, 2002 His Honor reasoned for my sentence that public servants "were doing the best they could do." Another Exhibit, beside a few of my Reports of public servants' crimes, sent to various public servants and offices, was the "Threat Assessment" from June 16, 2000:
"It is clear that FISHER is not going to go away. It is possible that stress and pressure can cause a person to become mentally ill. This may be the case with FISHER as he has no known previous mental health issues. There is a HIGH RISK that FISHER will carry out an act of violence against any person who, at that point in time, he feels is significantly interfering with his life. There is also a HIGH RISK that, if he attempts suicide, he will try to take someone with him. FISHER obviously feels justified in his course of action and he has the ability to carry out his threats. The act of writing and sending faxes is an outlet for FISHER for the moment. As long as he sees alternatives to violence, he will utilize them. The risk would increase dramatically if the contact stops."
Public servants expect my suicide, but count on all possible scenarios, means and opportunities. They do absolutely nothing to prevent, for example, grisly murder of two or three preschool teachers and all their children. Her Ladyship Chief Judge of the BC Provincial Courts Baird Ellan's self-admission of inability ("I acknowledge receipt of your emails of September 4, 2002. I am unable to assist you with your concerns.") is an excellent example. Like Her Ladyship, nobody pretends seeking other than the expected murderous outcome, nobody admitted any wrongdoing, expressed remorse, apologized, resigned, was investigated or fired. Instead, public servants so far incarcerated me for 274 days in maximum security prisons, and for 69 days in institutions for the insane.
Public servants are responsible for the fact that my once happy, good, handsome, athletic son never saw his homeland again. The fathomless cover-up of unspeakably cruel crimes made this powerless child into an obese adult, horribly suffering daily from schizophrenia, without any expectations for a normal and happy life. Instead of being prosecuted to the full extent of the law, public servants deserving defenestration enjoy an impeccable, though utterly false reputation, being living models for the conduct of their successors till they croak. This is real Canadian fairness, love of the law and order, ethics and justice, carefully hidden from the deceived world. Betrayed taxpayers should demand their money back, with maximum interest, loudly singing Poor Canada, We Stand On Guard For You.
Demands to Government
1. Help us leave Canada
2. Radically improve your corrupt practices
3. Justice – first, oust all the corrupt
Responses to countless Reports of crimes prove public servants' determination to further lie, harm, destroy, and let the public pay any price for maintaining their power and utterly false image of a great, compassionate, just and free society. They are convinced that all others are too stupid and cowardly to recognize and punish their depravity. Almost all addressees respond with deafening silence. Some expressed the same wish. One needlessly expounded: "Quit sending me your stupid fucking messages ….. I could not care less so go away and fuck off!"
Out of control furious, revengeful and hateful public servants are determined to preserve their masks of uncorrupted and incorruptible public servants at any price. They unanimously refuse to prevent the predicted and expected massacre and let us "go away and fuck off" to our homelands. To make it easy for them, on November 9, 2008 I created a Bank Account No.: 2102014795 IBAN: CZ 23 2700 0000 002102014795 S.W.I.F.T. Code BACXCZPP.
Prior to our escape from Czechoslovakia, we felt embarrassed that 99% of voters supported the criminal police regime. You all belong to about 99% suckers financing the corruption, or to 1% of prospering fuckers. Vote please: are YOU proud to be a Canadian?
While public officials teach me that not the Rule of Law, but Organized Crime rules Unceded Indigenous Territory aka British Columbia, my fight for Truth and Justice is teaching them that fabricating and covering up malevolent lies is not always the best policy. The only way for Officers to restore their Honor is to eat their guns (pills for girls).
Many thanks to about ten Canadians who have helped us, and the maximum suffering, shame and humiliation to all fuckers guilty of committing or covering up crimes against children. Courage and conscience must prevail over cowardly deceit. I call upon all law-abiding Canadians: honor your civic duty to fight the corruption!
Josef Fisher, Prisoner of Conscience No. 04746160

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