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The Story with my Son Yoan

I am British born, born in the Channel Islands. I went to live in France with my parents at the age of seventeen. 
In 2006 I gave birth to a baby boy whilst I was living with my parents in Brittany. The father and I did not live together. In 2006, following the death of my father I decided to try and give the relationship with the father of my son a chance.
My mother who was alone after the death of my dad came to stay with the father of my child and I. The relationship i not work out as the father was a number of times violent towards me. 
In 2008 I decided to leave the house where the father of my little boy lived and left to move into a flat with my son and my Mum. The father of my son wanted me out as soon as possible and ven decided to pay the rent for the flat that I was to rent.
I decided that it was the best thing that the father of my son still saw his child and encouraged him to visit my son each Sunday and to take him out. The father decided after a while not to bother visiting his son and when I insisted that the father see his son, my son refused to go and see him. I was concerned as to the behaviour of my son and so I took him to my GP as each time I mentioned his father he was terrified and he would cry.
My GP seemed concerned and he decided that it was best that I did not force my son to see his father if he did not want to, He even arranged an appointment with a legal doctor to get my son examined.
I had been having a number of problems with the owner of the house that I was renting and I was aware that he was saying things that were untrue regarding me, but I did not know exactly what he was saying. I decided one day to send a letter to him, along with a letter to the mayor of where I lived and stated that if I found out that untrue things were been said against me, that I would seek legal action.
By this point I had already had a social worker at my home who had come following a report from the owner of my home, She had even practiced a pregnancy test in my home and accompanied me during a gynecological examination even though I did not want her present.
I decided to see a lawyer regarding this and the advocate that I had wrote a letter to social services saying that she had told me to refuse her visits and that was what I was going to do.
About a year later I ended up having a visit from the Mayor. At the time I was having a bath, but my Mum saw him. My son was two at the time and he said that my child was not yet scolarised (the age for schooling is six in France).
About a week later, I received yet again a letter from a social worker saying that she was going to come to my home to see about m son. As I had been advised by an advocate not to let them in, I refused the visit. In the end the social worker came to my door.
A week later thinking that finally this had ended there was a violent knock at the door. Because the owner of my flat had caused me so many problems, I assumed that it was him so I did not answer the door straight away. I ended up getting my phone to call the police. I heard someone say 'If you do not open then it will get worse' As I was on the phone waiting to speak to the police, I opened the door and saw two policemen at my door. I was relieved to see that it was them.
They said to me that they had had a call regarding my son and that they wanted to come into my home to see my son. I let them in, and then they asked to see my son. I asked them if I could call my advocate, I had a different one at this time. They refused me an advocate and then made their way to my sons bedroom where he was still sleeping as he had been up very early that morning, so he was having a nap. It was about am.
They looked around my sons room and took photos. They then said to me that they wanted me to go with them to the police station. I asked again if I could ring my advocate to meet me there, but again I was refused one.
I was at the police station along with my son. They put me in one room and then put my son in another room. 
They started asking me questions, They asked me Why is your son not at school? Why does your son wear pull up nappies? Why does he sleep in a cot? I was completely shocked that I had been taken to a police station for such ridiclious questions. 
At the police station, I was fingerprinted and photographed. 
I was then told that they would contact me later on and tell me what was going to happen an d that they just needed to contact the prosecutor first to see what would happen.
I was called later on that day and told that it was all over. I was so relieved. Later on I was ill and suffering a bad headache and had to have my GP come and see me, when my Mum went out to get the medication prescribed by my GP the owner of our flat was outside and he was saying to my Mum 'I call social services every week about your grandson' I told my Mum not to worry as the police had seen that nothing was wrong.
A week later I was summoned to appear before the children's court in the main town. I did not understand why when the police had told me it was all over that I was still being summoned. I took my summons to the police station and showed the officer that had spoken to me. He did not understand either, and seemed surprised that it had happened.
A friend of mine was talking to a police officer about what was going on and the police officer told him that 'they' were trying to scare me and that I should contact the media.
I went to court again, no advocate was with me. In court I was shocked. I was told by the Judge that the owner of my home AND the Mayor had said that I took illegal drugs and that I prostituted myself in my home. I was so stunned to hear such lies, and also to know that the Mayor was involved. These allegations were so untrue. I asked the judge to perform a blood test on me, but this was not ordered.
I was told that a social worker was going to make a home visit to my house to see my son. I did not understand what was going on. I later found out from a neighbour that she had been summoned to the police station and asked if she thought I was prostituting myself and taking drugs. She had said no, she also informed my Mum that the Mayor was going door to door asking people to say that it was true.
One day my advocate came to my home two days in a row and told me to leave the area as it was getting bad.. I was in the village of Canly at the time but had lived in Brittany previously. I decided to follow the advice of my advocate and my Mum and I left a short while later with my son and we went to Brittany. We stayed in a hotel. 
One day I decided to go and see my old GP in Brittany who was actually an ex police officer, and I explained to him what was going on. He told me to keep my son away from his father as he was 'perverse'. I returned to the hotel with my Mum and my son, however on the way we were stopped by police officers. 
That evening the police removed my son by force from my care. My son was in a state as was I. I was told not to make a fuss as I left the police station. 
I do not remember the following few days as I think that I was in such shock regarding what had happened.
A week later I was in court to try and get my son back. We had had to return to Compiegne for the case. 
In the morning my GP in Compiegne gave me a letter to give to the judge as he had a phone call from a psychologist who worked for social services and she had said that she did not think that it was a good idea for the father of my son to have custody of my son as she was concerned for the psychological health of the father. I gave this paper to my advocate. 
He was showing my Mum the people who had said things against me, and he showed the Mayors ID. I had never met the Mayor, but my Mum said to the advocate 'That is not the Mayor, the Mayor is an old man'. The photo was of a man who worked for the Mayor, but he was not the Mayor, however the statement was from the Mayor, so he had used someone else's ID.
This was not said in court, my advocate did not give any medical certificates to the judge, even certificates that had previously been written in my favor, nothing was given in. The only thing my advocate said was that it was him who had told me to leave the area.
I did not understand why the advocate was with me as he was not helping me at all. That day my son was placed in custody of his father for a period of one year. I was only granted visitation every week. My son looked so strange and I was concerned for him, his pupils were very small and his behavior was not normal.  The next time I saw my son when I had visitation he was crying and asking why he could not live with me. It broke my heart. At this point my Mum and I were staying in a hotel as we had left the flat that we had lived in and I refused to go back after what the owner had done to me.

Their reason now for not letting me have my son was that I had no where to live. They had destroyed everything for me, and taken the only things that had made my life worth living.

I decided to appeal the case, I stayed in the town of Compiegne (where my son lived) so I could see him each week. He would beg to live with me. I had no idea what to say, so I just said that  Mummy was looking for somewhere nice to live. It killed me to think my son was so sad.
A while later, a place that helps people when they have no where to go spoke to me as they were helping me. They said that the social worker who had been part of all this had contacted them and told them not to help me. They said that my story was coherent and it was obvious that something was going on as she had something very personal against me.
I was so angry that they were destroying my life, but I felt relieved that people now knew that it was true. A newspaper covered my story too and published it one week.
In the end my Mum and I had to  sleep in my Mums van as we had no where to go. No one knew of this and I still saw my son. 
One day I was very ill and rushed to hospital, I had septecemia, and my gallbladder had to be removed as it was twice its size.
When I was in hospital I happened to mention that we had no where to go. Suddenly all my visits with my son were stopped. This was in July 2011.
I could no longer see my son and my heart was broken. 
One day my Mum had a bit of money and we tried to get into a hotel so that I could rest. The lady at the hotel said that we could not stay there. It was not full so my Mum did not understand. She then said that social services had told them that they were not allowed to let us stay. I did not understand what was going on. She showed a social services card to my Mum.
They were doing everything to destroy me. In September 2011 being that we were homeless and it was dangerous. We decided to come back to Jersey and I decided to fight for my son here.
My life is a mess as I want my son back and want to be able to get the people who did this punished for what they have done. The have destroyed everything for me and I have not seen my son since last September because of this.
I just had an appeal on the case, but I lost. I cannot even get my son to Jersey as they have put in his passport that I am not allowed to leave France with him. I am British too, therefore so is my son half British, but all of the legal papers they have put that I am French.
What is going on in France is shocking, but  they try and cover it up with their lies. I have never known such terrible lies to be told against someone and then to have a child taken out of their care for no reason.
I no longer know what to do. My conversations are limited on the phone with my son and sometimes the phone is even put down on me. The last time I spoke with my son he said that he had been waiting a long time for me to go and get him.
i am in desperate need to help and I no longer know what to do. This must be heard so that I can have help in getting my son back. I am against people in 'power' and I d not know what to do. I think that this happened so badly as it is a Mayor who is involved too and also the owner of my home's daughter is an advocate.
The police are trying to say now that the Mayor never said this, then why would a Judge tell me he did?
I spoke to my son tonight and he said that his dad has said that jersey is 'crap' and that I only ever telling him lies, this has come from him as my son told me.
I no longer know what to do and I am frightened of what is going to happen.

There are many other things that they have done against me. I am at a loss. Although I am receiving some help to expose them. They Must be punished for this. My life has stopped since my son was taken away.

In 2012 a fire of my Mums van caused all of our things to be destroyed, I have no photos of my son or memories of his baptism. My boyfriend was killed in this fire.

My life is destroyed thanks to these people who are criminals.

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